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Thread: Kina Eros

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    Re: Kina Eros

    I wonder whether anyone has any info on Kina Eros. I just love that guy. I guess he's from Eastern Europe. He appeared in a string of porn flicks in the late 1990s, always sucking and fucking someone (I never saw him getting fucked).

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    Re: Kina Eros

    Kina Eros has got a new stage name - Vladimir.

    He performs in 18 Today, Messing Around, No. 3. A great video!

    Does anyone know of other videos where Kina Eros performs under his new name?

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    Re: Kina Eros


    I'm the original poster, Crashex; I no longer have access to the email address required to login to that account. If you can remove the post limit minimum requirements so I can post links/videos I'll give you all the information I've managed to acquire on Kina the past year.

    I'm also pleased to see that this thread I created is the #1 Google search result for 'Kina Eros'.

    You can contact me via personal message or at gayteenforum.org, my username, riddled.

    If you have information to share with us on Kina, then this is the place to post it.

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    Re: Kina Eros

    One last bump.

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    Re: Kina Eros

    Thanks for your reply. I am still keen on knowing more about Kina Eros.

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    Re: Kina Eros

    I love Kina Eros. Sadly, I've only seen him in two pictures. And it is said that he changed his stage name to "Vladimir", unfortunately a lot of porn actors use (or has) that name. :/

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    Re: Kina Eros

    As far as I know, Kina Eros appeared in about half a dozen films, always fucking someone or jerking off, never performing as a bottom.

    Does anyone know what happened to him? He seems to have vanished after about 2001 when his last video came out. I heard he's Hungarian and that he works in a gay bar in Germany, possibly in Berlin.

    Does anyone know more about Kina? Please let us know. Thanks!

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    Re: Kina Eros

    I found this on xvideos, its cut down from its original length, but hey its something.


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    Re: Kina Eros

    That's definitely something! ;D

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    Re: Kina Eros

    I know this for a fact about Kina: He showed up at a shoot and was fucked up and caused so much trouble the studio fired him. He went to Switzerland where he did escort work legally, but he went down hill fast. The last pics I saw of him he looked terrible, strung out like an addict. What I'm telling you next is heresay, it is second hand info...but I was told he ODed and passed away. Sorry to tell you all this, and I hope the last bit of info is wrong, but sadly, I think it's true. RIP, Kina...

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    Re: Kina Eros

    My gosh, I hope your information is wrong and Kina Eros is still alive.

    Incidentally, do you know more about his personal life, background, etc., such as where he was born, where he lived, what his hobbies are. I guess he's Hungarian or from another eastern European countries

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    Re: Kina Eros

    What a sad story (if it turns out to be confirmed). Do you have any other information about Kina? I like him a lot!

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    Re: Kina Eros

    Check out boystation.com, there are two photo sets of him. One he looks great, the other he looks so bad he uses a different name. step & Rico, gabriel gneomar are the names of the sets. I also came across a curious still from a vid, and I believe it's kina performing on a big black stud. If anyone knows where to get this vid please post where it is...

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