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    Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    Does anyone have hemorrhoids on this site? lol

    i think i might have a mild one...ive used a mirror and everything looks nice and normal however when i take a shit sometimes i notice that there is a bit of spotting (blood) on the toilet paper and ive done some research and found that its possible that i have an external hhemorrhoid....(for those of u who dont know an external hemorrhoid is NOT a std...r basicaly enlarged veins in rectal area)

    anyway ive found that if i kept my asshole moisturized by using a good moisturizer every night that it keeps the area nice and supple and as long as i do this there will be no spotting after i take a shit

    however as soon as i stop moisturizing the area is more susceptible to tearing and spotting...

    so my question is...ive done some research adn found that anal sex actuallly aggravates and can cause hemorrhoids???

    that really sucks...

    can anyone speak more about this??

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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    That's why you use lube.
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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    there are several types of hemorroids, not just external... maybe you can't see them because they're internal or the sliding type (don't know the exact translation to it).
    But basically there are 4 types, internal (just enlarged), sliding (go in and out on their own), the ones that come out but you can put them back in, and the external ones.
    You might want to visit your coloproctologist (again not sure about the spelling) and answer accuratelly to the clinical history so he can make the exact diagnosis.

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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    Hey HYS,

    Mate I moved your thread into Health and Wellbeing as there are some really experienced and professionally guys who wander through this part of the board... and you want and need answers based on facts...

    None the less its always a good move to see a doctor anytime you see blood coming from that part of you.

    Not to be alarmist but you need to think carefully about when this happens, how often it happens. I dont know anyone that goes to the trouble of moisturizing there butt... and honestly there should be no need. Theres a myriad of reasons this could be happening - some nasty some not so nasty, dont gamble with your health mate... see a professional.


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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    when you're taking a dump, do you try to force it out ? yanno, apply extra pressure. that also 'helps' hemorrhoids show their ugly heads.

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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    ^ and also helps them get worse and prevent them from healing

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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    Quote Originally Posted by getstoseven View Post
    If you can't see it it's not an external hemorrhoid.
    If you CAN see it it IS external and referred to as a "thrombosed hemorrhoid".
    That type can be removed in any doctors office. It's not totally pleasant but could be a lot worse.......
    well i do see a veinous looking area but its NOTHING like the monstrosities i see when i google "hemorrhoid" on google images....

    nothing i see matches what i have..
    i also read some websites that everyone has hemorrhoids just different degrees of it?

    does anal sex cause hemorrhoids?

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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    yes everybody has hemorrhois. just when they grow too big, they cause problems.
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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    I recently realized I had one too back in November. I freaked out at first and thought I had some sort of tumor or something, heh. I tried doing research on getting rid of them and I read that bad posture, eating habits, and straining while going to the bathroom all contribute to it. And yeah, anal sex too. I've got the slide-in-and-out-but-won't-disappear-forever type. =/

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    Re: Anal Sex Can Cause External Hemorrhoids?? ???

    If you're worried, visit your doctor. You don't even have to go to a specialists. Hemorrhoids are so common that physicians see them all the time. Generally, it's a good idea to see a doctor when you have blood in your stool. If it's bright red on the tissue, it's most likely just a garden variety external hemorrhoid.

    They usually have to be pretty bad (painful and itchy) for surgery to be done and even then it's only done in certain cases. Usually, they'll heal on their own. Typically, the doctor will just tell you to wipe more gently, to not strain so much on the toilet and to increase the amount of fiber you eat (raisin bran for breakfast or taking a fiber supplement are both good options).

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