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    Re: Sniffing underwear

    want to trade musky sweaty underwear too, france here, private me

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    Re: Sniffing underwear

    If anyone is interested in a trade message me here

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    Re: Sniffing underwear

    Anybody here soil their own underwear , I like squirting a little pee in my underwear through out the day and getting a good shit streak in them as well . Then of cause sniffing my stale piss and shit in them later and leaving my cum in them . I will save them for a few days , sniffing them and cumming thinking of some guy I want to suck off .

    So I always have a dirty pissy shitty cummed in pair of underwear to get off sniffing .

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    Re: sniffing underware

    Quote Originally Posted by shawn0098 View Post
    My best friend would always on the weekends, spend the night at my apartment, cause we would always have a few beers and he didn' t want to drive home. Anyway after some time of doing this, I accumilated about four pairs of his boxers, cause he would take a shower in the morning, borrow a pair of mine, and throw his in my dirty laundry basket. the next day, I would sort through the laundry, find his boxers and wear them to bed and jack off in them, then I would wash them. one week, I didn't get a chance to do laundry, and I forgot that I had a pair of his used boxers that I had totally just plastered with my cum. I left them in my room, on the dresser with my clean boxers. The weekend came along, and the usual friday night thing took place, he spent the night and took a shower the next morning, and got dressed , then headed out the front door to go home. I went into my room to gather some clothes, cause I was going to take a shower, and then I noticed that he grabbed his boxers that I got cum soaked from the previous week! I was kinda in shock, because it was way obvious that they were used, and not to mention the did have a little smell to them. He never did mention anything about them, but c'mon.. he had to have known right away!
    I donít get much of a chance to get other guys dirty underwear , so I get my own really pissy and shit streaked . BUT I did go over my sons place a couple of years back , he was sharing a place with two friends , their all mid to late 20ís . My son asked me if I could go take out his dog because he was out for the day with his budís .

    OH YEAH I found my sons two friends dirty cloths , both had them piled in their rooms. This old daddy was so hard . I sniffed so deep into my sons friends stale pissy shit stained boxers . I was on my knees beating off fantasizing about them laughing as their friends faggot dad sucked them off . I even laid on one of their unmade beds fingering my butthole thinking of them both fucking their friends daddy old boi pussy. .

    I think a lot about my sons friends cocks , and sniff my dirty underwear

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    Re: Sniffing underwear

    Now this is a little off-topic, but so true and erotic (at least to me). A 23 y.o. married hottie that I've shared a few kisses with and the briefest of teasers of a blow job that I work with was coming out of one of the employee bathrooms; I heard him flush the toilet, and he came right out without washing his hands. I promptly chastised him, and he said that he didn't on purpose and proceeded to put his fingers under my nose - he said, "Because I wanted to share my musk with you first."

    I laughed and feigned being grossed out, but I swear I can smell his scent to this day, and I jack off to the fantasy of my nose being buried in his pubes with his cock cutting off my air supply. mmmmm

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    Re: Sniffing underwear

    This thread is awesome! I've read every post and I am HARD. All sounds so familiar. When my flatmate leaves I get into his bed with his dirty boxers and go to town on my dick. I always cum so much so fast. I love burry inn my face in them. When I realised how big underwear sniffing was I started sending mine to other guys too. I gym quite a lot so I'm pretty sure the funk and man sweat is appreciated ;]

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    Re: Sniffing underwear

    ah i love it. i used to sniff my flatmate's dirty boxers and socks from his laundry basket and wank. i like wearing someone else's dirty underwears, i can find a lot of them at the gym. i love to swap dirty socks and underwears.

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    Re: Sniffing underwear

    Love Sniffing mens underwear. Nothing is hotter than a hot sexy manly scent. Knowing the guys ass and balls and cock were rubbing that underwear all day long. When i was a teenager i used to steal my uncles underwear all the time, inhaling his hot musky sweat. Id always fantasize of him catching me and spanking me to teach me a lesson lol. I still can see my uncle walking around with his sexy ass in his baby blue underwear that made his ass look Amazing. Would love to trade underwear with any hot studs. im a good looking canadian muscular hairy guy. If you wanna trade HOT scented underwear message me or email me at [Email Address: Removed]
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