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    Blonde guys in Mexico

    I've recently heard that blonde, blue-eyed cowboys are considered to be very special and desirable in Mexico where generally cowboys are dark-haired and brown-eyes. There's not difference though in the skintight fit of the jeans American and Mexican cowboys wear. Have you found this to be the way it is?

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    Re: Blonde guys in Mexico

    I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed Scandinavian and have been to parts of the world where I stick out like a sore thumb.
    There is a natural intrigue to see someone different then ourselves and it is not just from other gay men, but old people and children alike.

    My partner is a black haired, black eyed Greek and he still intrigues me. You should see when our pubes are touching each other...a sight to behold. Integration, I say.
    Everyone wants to be heard. No one wants to listen.

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    Re: Blonde guys in Mexico

    Actually, blondes aren't that uncommon in the deeper parts of Mexico... Not all of us are strictly brown, ya know. There is a lot of European heritage evident.

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