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    Micheal Rapaport

    hey guys today i was watching this funny sitcom called WAT AR HOME
    and the ending scene showed micheal rapaport naked (well privates hidden ofcoarse)
    and his chest it totally amazing!!!
    love the hair on it,
    this is the vid i found on u tube but the credits spoil it as it hides his chest a little but u knowhat i mean he is damn hot

    warning they show a kid first but micheal is at the end

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    Re: Micheal Rapaport

    I'm not seeing anything

    No usual youTube link to click.

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    Re: Micheal Rapaport

    right sorry, here u r

    micheal is so damn cute!

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    Re: Micheal Rapaport

    ur right there i guess, but the more i see this show the more micheal turns me on!
    his body, his belly wow amazing

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    Re: Micheal Rapaport


    C'mon this guy needs to show more flesh!

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