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    Re: "First Time " and "Quickies" - SHORT STORIES

    This is my first post, not my first time though..

    So I'm 20, I've been with messed around with 4 guys at this point, all of them tiny/average white guys, and then there was tonight..

    I was looking to hook up with someone again and he blew me off, so I went to craigslist, after weeding through the weird/fake population, I stumble upon a 19 year old black guy, now his dick didn't look that big in the picture.. it was!

    So he shows up super nervous and i walk him in with me, I smoke, he seems tense, I'm trying to keep it casual. I sit down, and ask what he wants to do. Out of nowhere he leans back and whips out this massive 9 inch black cock! I stared in disbelief, to which he replied "Well don't be afraid of it"

    I'm sitting on my bed and he stands up and I pull him in and start sucking on this giant dick. I was so into it he was even telling me to have fun with it and oh was I. I sucked it from a few positions and finally he starts playing with my ass. He is really liking it but he forgot lube, so we couldn't work it in.

    He is ready to cum so he lays down, I put his giant black cock in my mouth, play with his balls and he is moaning! I start sucking his balls until he cums. His dick was so big it didn't even go down after, so I start jacking off while I'm going to town on him and I cum buckets.

    Needless to say, i doubt craigslist wll ever top that..
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    Re: "First Time " and "Quickies" - SHORT STORIES

    Quote Originally Posted by Craiger View Post
    Love those spontaneous moments.... Great story, wish I could have had the same experience during my college days. Congratulations on the 5 year partnership. Also, welcome to JUB and the story forum. Hope to see you around in other threads.

    Thanks dude! Was really an amazing experience

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    my chub teacher

    It was my last class and Mr.V says to stay for a little bit and shower if i want. I take off my clothes and go in the shower. I see Mr. walking to me. He washes my back and says
    Mr .V: i know you’re a chubby chaser.
    Me: um um.
    Mr.V: it’s ok. Then he lays me on my back and licks my hole a little then he puts his cock in my butt and fucks me. I moan Mmmm Ooooh Mr. Ooooh that feels good.
    Mr.V I’m glad u like it cuz now you’re my cumdump. He cums in my butt. I moan mmmm yes yes yes cum in me Mr.V moans Ooo yes that was good!

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    Re: "First Time " and "Quickies" - SHORT STORIES

    This is the story of my first time doing anything with a guy, or anyone to be exact. So I'm still not even sure I'm gay I know that how I am attracted to guys and I fantasise about having sex with guys but I just can't see myself being with one, I want a wife and kids. So I was 16 and all over Grindr & Adam4Adam...just for the compliments from guys because they made me feel good (I know I'm a horrible person doing bad things). So I was on vacation in Grenada with my cousin and her family, helping her get settled in university. I was sharing a room with my younger cousin (by 8 months) and I was super horny. I was jacking off when I get a message from this guy on Grindr. We get to talking and I tell him how I've never been with a guy before and I want to do something crazy (this was my last night in Grenada). He suggested I come to his place and he fucks me, I didn't want that so I just said how about a blowjob. We talked some more and he said he'll drive to my hotel and pick me up and we can do it in his car. So I wake up my cousin and tell him I'm going for a walk and if I'm not back by 4 someone probably killed me (this was around 2 am). So I walk to the front of the hotel and wait for the guy to pick me up, I waited for about 5 minutes (seemed like forever) and finally he came. He said I looked much older than 18 and is surprised that I haven't done anything considering how I look. We drove for a bit and talked and then he drove in this abandoned factory. He turned of the car and said whenever you're ready. I confessed I was nervous and he took control. He placed his hand on my leg slowly working up to my dick and leaned in to kiss me. We made out for about 2 minutes and then I put my hand on his cock and pulled it out. I bent down and started to lick it. Long story short I went all in. I tried to deep throat never realising how hard it is because it seemed so easy in the porn I watched. He was pulling my hair and then said he wanted to suck mine. I must say I never felt anything like that before (mostly because it was my first time). I felt like I was about to cum every second. We took turns sucking each other cocks while his hand was moving all over my body, playing my nipples, moving down my ass and even fingering me a bit. I sucked him until he came in my mouth and I swallowed, while I came all over his face (and the man's car, I apologised so much after). When he dropped my back he said he didn't believe I never done anything before because I was so good. One we said goodbye and went back in my room to see my cousin awake on the bed. I lied and told him I was skyping my girlfriend.

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