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Thread: Double R

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    Re: Double R

    WORD!!!thats all i can say i actually think that like 99% of all staff is freakin HOT!!!tiger,castro, t-malone, double r...all awesomely hot..."bless this thread with DOUBLE R" plz^^

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    Re: Double R

    OMG That promo was Hott as hell I want me some more of Double R lol

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    Re: Double R

    there is one site i occasuanlly run itno (unfortunately i dont know which one it is right now...damn) which has like 3 previews of/with has lots and lots of other previews of other "thugs" on it...damn,what is that cant remember...

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    Re: Double R

    me too^^but im still trying to look up that homepage...

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    Re: Double R

    c'mon guys,there's got to be SOMETHING you have
    well unfortunately all i found is the porntube stuff (ripped 'n' ready promo) (straight meat promo) ( the show part 2 promo ; duoble r is talking some hot shit here )

    well,someone's gotta have SOMETHING, clips, previews, movies pictutres,anything!!!

    bless this thread with double r^^

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    Re: Double R

    Thanks Big Boi for sharin'

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    Re: Double R

    Tons of previews with thugs!

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    Re: Double R

    Please note that JUB CoC states the following;

    Do not share, ask to share, or link to Bit Torrent files or other pirated videos. It is not OK under any circumstance to share videos from any membership site that normally requires a fee to view the videos. This is expressly prohibited. This includes links to rapidshare and similar services that exist to infringe on copyrights.

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    Re: Double R
    thats the site i was talking about;three more previews of that handsome man

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