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Thread: curled toes

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    Re: curled toes

    Aww don't be embarrassed that is hot - I don't have any pictures but welcome to the site

    If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home.

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    Re: curled toes

    Yeah, I reckon they're quite sexy

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    Re: curled toes

    There's a series of videos called Toegasms of mostly twink types j/o'ing solo with close-ups of their feet & showing curled toes, ect when they cum. I've seen a couple of them & think they're pretty hot, if you're into it.

    I'm not suggesting you buy them from the linked site, but to show you what they are:

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    Re: curled toes

    Quote Originally Posted by invert28 View Post
    here's my fetish. . .well feet in general turn me on, but guys curling their toes. . .especially while getting off has to be one of the hottest things (i'm getting hard writing this, jeez)
    never been willing to admit I have a fetish, but I'm admitting now.
    please don't make fun of me.
    Hey Invert, I can totally relate. Why is it when you tell someone you're into feet they give that "eewwww that's gross" comment or look? Its not as if I like all the feet I see, actually only a select few turn me on.

    I know what you mean about curled-up toes, that is a total turn-on for some reason.

    I was with a friend of mine who has small delicate soft looking feet and we were taking turns fucking each other. He had his feet pressed against my chest while I was fucking him and his toes curled, man did that drive me nuts. I put his foot to my face and licked the bottom of his soft foot and sucked his toes with an ardent passion and I started fucking him real hard. It was like the harder I fucked him the more his toes curled and the more I was turned on; man was that a great time.

    The only problem is my friend thinks my foot fetish is weird, I wish I could meet someone who also has a foot fetish that isn't afraid or ashamed to be himself.
    Boys will be boys...

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    Re: curled toes

    i'd love to see that ,

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    Re: curled toes

    Hey dude I have the same fetish as you love when a dude curl his toes lets share pics man

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    Re: curled toes

    Finally someone who shares this turn on. Feet are hot but toe curling or toegasms to pleasure is so sexy, especially when wanking.

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    Re: curled toes

    That is so hot. You are my kind of dude. Fuck me.

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    Re: curled toes

    I love feet, and i love it when guys curl their toes. I loved andrew garfield doing it in spiderman, and i especially love it when a guy does it during sex/orgasm

    Focus is on the guys feet while he masturbates and cums. Enjoy!

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    Re: curled toes

    Yes you are amazing. Finally found someone who share my love of toegasms. A guy curling his toes to his pleasure is such a sexy turn on.

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    Re: curled toes

    You are amazing! Reading your post really turned me on. I would love a top like you.

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    Re: curled toes

    Sexy video dude.

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    Re: curled toes

    I have always wanted a top to do that to me.

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    Re: curled toes

    I love seeing hot buff guys feet, let alone when their toes curl...omg!!!

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