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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    Our PE coach took us 7th graders into town to play track with the other schools. They had a gym and showers, and he took us to shower after the meet. Some of our guys were in the shower with shorts on, some naked, I went in naked, but had a good hard on. They all laughed at me. Later, the older boys came to me privately and said, do not worry about that, all of us get like that. Pay them no attention. In service, I would pull on my cock, to make it appear larger. The ships I was on had public showers, and all of them had semi-hard dicks. One guy, married had one of the largest I have ever seen. Like a horse. We use to make jokes of him, as his young wife was a small woman in statue.

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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    At my school most guys are homophobic to one degree or another and changing in the lockerrooms is usually done under towels. But today, after tennis, one kid who I've been slightly attracted to took it all off when he went to the showers. He was in the shower next to me and his dick was just hanging right there while me and the other 3 kids in the showers still had boxers on. I was so scared that I would get a huge boner and I would be caught. But he was really casual about it and was still talking throughout the whole shower. I tried glancing a couple of times but only got a solid look at his ass and just a couple split second periods of seeing his dick and hairy body. So hot. I'm getting a boner thinking of it now.

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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    It was my Freshmen year of high school, I was 15.

    I was showering with my underwear on in the showers and a few seconds after a 16/17 year old football player with a five inch flaccid cock, showered right by me. He had an amazing ass, not too big, not too small.

    He was a Junior that year. I never forgot that moment in my memory, ever.

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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    Quote Originally Posted by vanisher View Post
    a few years ago-in college- i used to go the the gym but simultaneously got back to the lockers pretending i needed to check my cell phone and acted like i was on the phone while watching a guy... wow,what a guy... 6' 2'', greatest drag green eyes, dark hair, just like a greek god... he always took a shower after the practice but the towel was on his shoulders all the time going to the showers. one day i pretended to speak on the phone and he came to me and said "i don't think you can get a good line from here, but it's better over the showers, you should check it" while he was speaking i was sitting and he was standing, so his great cock-which i learned by experience that it was 8 inches hard-stood just a feet from my face. so i said ok and followed him to the showers still trying to talk to my "imaginary" friend. then he got to one of the shower cabins but didn't close the door!!! so i could see his every move, he was touching himself, soaping those abs, he did everything i was dying to see and got semi erect, than i decided to go further and said "i think my cell phone would work best at your cabin" and he said " you should give it a try". in five seconds i took of my shirt and shorts and threw it on the floor with my phone and got in, i licked his smooth skin starting from neck, his nipples, and a gave him a good rim, at last he was hard and then i sucked him off... it was amazing, then he jerked me while he pushed his still-erect cock on my asscrack,and i came in no time... later i said i didn't want to come out because i didn't want any one to see us, so we waited till there was no noise out, while waiting we kissed...and kissed... and kissed... so we got out eventually and he said he had his eyes on me for a long time and he saw me watching him and decided to go for it. he became my fuck buddy for 3 months but then he moved to another city((
    Hot Story. Did you Fuck him?????

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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    The first time we had PE class in 7th grade when it was time to strip down and get into our official PE uniform. T-Shirt, Gym Shorts, Gym socks, Gym Shoes and the Athletic Supporter.

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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    Oh, and the Junior guy in high school had very fit abs. He was pretty much a jock lover's dream.

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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    Quote Originally Posted by mikel_meekle View Post
    When I was a sophmore in high school, there was this one senior who was the hottest kid in our school. He was a complete jock and played soccer, football, and lacrosse. I always went to the football games just to see him in the tight football pants.

    Well, everybody in our school thought he was gay because on a few occassions he slept in the same bed with the biggest slut at my school and he never did anything with her. I thought I'd try and figure out whether or not he was because there weren't many gay kids in my school since it was such a small school.

    At my school we had two lockerrooms - one for sports and then one for normal gym classes and they were connected. One day during football practice, I followed him into the football lockerroom and then turned left and went to my gym locker while he started to change. I wanted a minute or so and then went to go leave, but before I left I looked in to see if he was there. I didn't see him so I looked around the other side and I saw him standing there with only his socks and a jockstrap on. He was bent over trying to get his pants on for practice so I just stood there and watched his ass(I've always had a thing for nice asses and his was tight so I had to look).

    He pulled his pants up and started to tie them up when he turned around and saw me. He got a little nervous, and asked "What are you doing?" and I told him about how I thought he was totally hot. He said "Come over here," so I walked over, and he threw me into the lockers and started kissing me. I grabbed his crotch and started to jerk him off. I licked his chest and his six-pack and worked down to his cock. I sucked him off and he started moaning as I stuck a finger up his ass. I started rimming him and then he layed on one of the bunches and I started to fuck him. We kissed the entire time I fucked him and then I same into his ass. He acted kind of disgusted but I know he liked it. He hadn't cummed yet so I jerked him off until he came all over my hand and so I ate it but before I swallowed it, he frenched me and ate all his cum.

    We heard someone coming so I pulled my pants up and started to leave when he grabbed me and kissed me one last time. When I left he was starting to get dressed again and I passed one of the coachs. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him I was just talking to someone. That happened a few more times that year, and a couple of times I left class so that way I could blow him in the bathroom. We actually still hook up sometimes, and I'm the only one from my school who knows that he is actually gay
    Wow Its really Hot Story. Were you His First????

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    Re: HS lockeroom/shower experiences

    Quote Originally Posted by spikethecat View Post
    not high school but.

    A few years ago I was down at galveston beach. Throughout the day I noticed several hotties but one stood out in particular. He was young, blonde curly hair, and muscular. A most definate hunk. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. As the day was winding down my friends and I went into the bathroom/shower/changing area to clean up and change clothes for the ride home. There were maybe 3 shower stalls without doors and directly across were 5 or 6 changing areas with doors that were mid chest high. My friends made it to the shower stall before i did and I had to wait until someone was finished in order to get in a stall. There seemed to be quite a lot of traffic as it was late evening rush to go home. As it was getting dark outside I was one of the last stragglers in the shower. When I had rinsed the shampoo out of my eyes i noticed that my blonde infatuation was in the changing stall across from my shower. When I had lathered up to wash the salt and sand off of my body I looked up across the room into his blue eyes and was treated to the most adorable shy smile I have ever seen in my life. I took extra care to put on a show as I rinsed off. I don't think he took his eyes off of me as he removed his shorts behind the changing room door. I decided to make sure that my crotch and ass were as clean as the needed to be and lathered up again slowly. He stayed in the changing booth just watching as my dick started to grow. I heard one of the other showers turn off and I turned my back to hide my blazing hard on when the remaining guys walked past the shower area. As they left my new friend opened the cubical door but remained inside. OMG. I will never forget that moment. That vision is burned into my mind and I have closed my eyes many times just thinking of it. The sun kissed white blonde hair, longish and curly. His blue, blue eyes framed with the long lashes. the strong jawline with the little bit of scrubby hair on his chin he probably called a goatee. The slight reddish tint to his slightly parted lips. His neck flairing into his wide shoulders. His wonderfully defined pects, with light brown quarter sized nipples, that at the moment were erect. The light dusting of blond hair in the middle of his chest. the 6 pack, the apollo belt, and the treasure trail. And his rock hard cock. This guy was absolutely stunningly beautiful. I blew my load watching him stroke his gorgeous cock. About this point some more people came into the shower area, so he shut his door and wrapped a towel around his waist and then went into the last shower stall. I walked into the corresponding changing area and watched him stroke his meat while fingering his asshole. Way too fucking hot. I had gotten dressed while watching the show so as not to draw attention to what was going on there at the end of the room. The only words that we spoke together was when he finally stepped out of the shower he smiled and said "Thank You", to which I replied "The pleasure was all mine." I left before he got changed and ready to go. Although I did see him in the parking lot. My friends asked me "what had taken so long in the shower?" and I just asked them "How much information do you want?" At which point my blonde buddy waved to me as he was climbing in the car with the people he had spent the day with. My best bud saw this and looked at me and said "oh my god!!! shut up and get in the fucking car."
    Freaking Hotttttttttttttttttttt

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