penis sucking can be sort of gay (you know, if guys do it)

um, a most homosexual audio recording?

I don't think its Barbra Streisand really unless one has it cranked up on a hot summer day while also wearing short-shorts and a wide 60's-style hair band.

Same with Liza. Although a gay icon, she is also so unstable that, well, listening to her albums sends a mixed signal to the neighbors. "Is he gay or just eccentric?"

Hmmm, I rather think things like a Taylor Dane cd might signal that its listener is gay. Or playing Jodie Whatley's "I'm Looking for a New Love" over and over is also one of those not-immediately at the tip of one's tongue homosexual sound recordings.

I think my gayest CDs must be my Doris Day collection. I mean, what heterosexual man (or woman, for that matter) is doing abdominal crunches to Doris Day's "Secret Love"?