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This is an update regarding what to expect with the upgrade of our message board software. The official start time for the upgrade process will be 4am Eastern Standard Time (aug 30). It is at that time that JustUSBoys (only the forums) will go offline. The galleries, videos, and reviews should remain unaffected. We have timed the upgrade to coincide with the time the least number of people are online usually. In other words, we will start at 4am on August 30th (officially) to minimize any necessary disruption. We anticipate being to able to bring the forums back online by 8am (four hours later). When the site comes back online, it will look different. This is a major upgrade of the software so things will take a little getting used to. Our goal is to work all day on tweaking bugs, stomping out caterpillars (inside joke for you veterans), and working on color schemes to minimize any glaring differences that don't have to exist unnecessarily.