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    Nothing that you wrote.

    It goes back to the OP. It is so distressing to see someone work so hard to protect a right to slaughter.
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    I haven't had time to find something more recent...but the numbers here are still pretty depressing for M2M transmission vs other sources in 2013......
  3. I tend to read all of the comments. I should know better, I just never remember to skim for content quality first. Yeah, the girth/lack of friction thing tends to be much more of an issue. Probably lack of sensitive nerve endings the farther you go. At least there's g-spot possibilities and that ligament on the bottom which has a surprising number of tricks attached. I don't think I've ever had one that's too long. Most I've ever gotten is the occasional accidental bump in an awkward position. I know I can do a Chance unflared in the older dimensions from bad dragon and that my gyn complained cuz he had to go find a longer whatever-the-instruments-called. But I've no idea how common that actually is. I suspect not much.

    On the girth thing, I'm kind of surprised more people don't use sleeves.
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    I really didn't pay much attention to most of the posts... skimmed it to find the intelligent ones (and that can be a lot of work in some threads).

    Personally, I've mostly cared about girth. Good point you made about women being aroused and expanded later in the events. I hadn't considered that. It's been decades since I've had one that was too long. When more aroused, all I'm thinking is the darned thing isn't wide enough.

    In case you don't know - I'm cis female, former lesbian now living with a man (for the past 15 years).
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    There are also cultural differences in urban and rural standards, as well as regional. It is not unlike smiling at or talking to strangers. I smiled at someone here yesterday and no response at all. In the South, rare to unheard of. Also, Southerners tend to be more transparent, and come to expect it in return.
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    Honestly, I don't think most people ever think about transgenderism. It is so rare.

    When dating, it seems reasonable to expect people to disclose something that major, not unlike dating a gay man who later tells you he did have a wife and does have three children, even if he is divorced. It is a big deal.

    And whether it's all about genitalia, I'm not sure. I've never met but about four trans people, and all but one were obviously trans, so it wasn't an issue. We got along just fine, but there wasn't any dating interest for me. Three were female and the one male I met I actually thought he was kinda nice, but he didn't have any interest in me, so dating wasn't on the table.

    You've had to deal with it, but most people, it's off their radar. I don't think it's so awful that they want to know before they get far down the dating lane. It carries a lot of baggage for many people. Your own posts suggest that you indeed do carry a lot about it.
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  8. Oooh, makes sense. My apologies, I'd fix the misquotation but it's way past the minutes limitation. Best of luck with the pc.
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    I was trying leave a tongue in cheek comment about you quoting me by mistake, but my computer got all weird and sent it before I finished editing it.
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Trans & Non-Binary 101

by luckynumbah7 on March 11th, 2016 at 04:04 PM

There's a kinder, gentler hand. If people want a kinder, gentler ambassadorial hand then perhaps they should be quieter and quit arguing on subjects they've admitted they know little to nothing about.

Do you know why she's kinder and gentler? Because it's an article and she's not dealing with cis people in 'real time' in it.

And for the trans people, because

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