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some random blog that i came up with.

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but now that i think of it, there was a distant memory way back over at my mom and my aunt's friend house way back in the day. her name was carol. my brother, me, her son, and i THINK my little cousins slept there one night and this was around christmas. i don't remember everything that happened BUT i was like 5 years old at the time. there was a little house party i believe with her and some other guys. one of the guys gave me a sip of a beer (a budweiser) and i went to sleep on the floor along with everybody else. i do know that it was a bunch of men and her there and it was a christmas party. that's all i can recall. nothing i can recall happen BUT for some reason, i remember that shit though. the reason why i'm bringing this up is because i'm just trying to make sure that there was NO weird shit that happened that i blocked out in memory which could have been some sexual abuse incident or whatever.

then there was another incident back in kindergarten with this girl who was in the same grade as me who was a friend. after i lost my two front teeth after being shoved from behind by some kid where i slid and fell on my face, she helped me up from the floor and took me to the bathroom to wash the blood from my mouth. it was disgusting thinking back on that BUT she liked me though. i THINK at one point she kissed me or something like that because i remember how she smelled, she kind of smelled funny in a weird way and i THINK i remember what her saliva tasted like.

but enough of that.