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My first job

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So...tomorrow I'm going out there and start working professionally for the first time. Maybe it sounds weird for you folks here (who decide to stop a while and read this little post...oh well) but in Asian countries, unless in China or for very very poor people, youngsters don't usually work, even part-time, until they graduate.

Actually, I kind of lied - it's not a real job, it's just apprenticeship slot, but I'm getting paid for what I did, despite significantly lower than real work. But whatever, I'm still working. Anyway, I'm working two tasks: between behind the table sorting up files and such and becoming a researcher assistant for professors who are too busy to make progress on theirs.

I don't know what to feel, between anxious of the first time out there and proud that at least I'm not (totally) leeching anymore. I just wish I won't screw this up. Guess I won't be taking any holidays again for the next 5 months.