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Best Gay Nude Beaches anywhere...

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Sometimes there are very useful or information forum threads on, but after a while, they just disappear and are lost forever (You can save but you cannot save them all).
So I've reposted the one about Best Gay Nude Beaches Anyway... because it continues some names of beaches and locations that is very difficult to mine the Net for. I hope the posters who are listed will understand my desire to preserve their information. It is available publicly to anyone who signs for a free. So I hope they don't mind that their DN names being made public accessible. Still, the circulation to this blog is very limited.

You can view the original discussion and a Blogger blogspot version below:

Follow up: somedepth [msg]
26 Dec 2012, 08:18I enjoy Swanbourne in Perth. 2km long of white sandy beach. Straight either end with all the action happening in the dunes behind. This is where I spent Christmas, set up for the day.
Follow up: somedepth [msg]
26 Dec 2012, 08:19At Swanbourne
Follow up: fetjr [msg]
26 Dec 2012, 16:11Secret Cove at Lake Tahoe.
Follow up: Sagitarius [msg]
27 Dec 2012, 07:03Greek islands..
Croatia islanda..
Kawaii island..
Follow up: BAC-UK [msg]
30 Dec 2012, 16:55Bannana beache Skiatos Greece

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