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The man with one leg

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by , March 24th, 2012 at 10:26 AM (572 Views)
Yesterday, two of my sweethearts (my hubby and soon-to-be 2 year old, Nik) and I were out running errands after a breakfast of blueberry (or booberry, as Nik says) pancakes and bacon. As we were walking from the Target parking lot into the store, we saw a man who had only one leg. This may not be unusual, but the fact he wore no prosthesis was. So, he hopped instead of walking. Actually, he had a lot of spring to his step. This hopping caught the attention of our young son. I'm not even sure he noticed the man had only one leg. The hopping seemed to fascinate him. As we approached the man and the woman with him, Nik pointed at his leg and said "It's ba-lue" (his word for "blue".) Every inch of visible skin on the man, except for his face, was covered in colorful tatoos. He wore short, baggy, black cotton shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, so we saw much of his body. The guy and girl were very friendly and he showed Nik the tatoos of a spider and it's web on his leg. At some point, Nik seemed to have noticed that the man had one empty leg on his shorts and he bent down and looked up it. Uff da! The guy and girl were very amused. The man turned and hopped into the store, at which time, Nik decided he would hop, too. Oy!

Once in the store, we encountered a young hispanic woman and her very energetic son who appeared to be 3 or 4 years old. He would take things off the shelf and she would put them back. Nik watched it all.
The boy took a toy off the shelf and began telling Nik all about it. Nik paid close attention but only said "ohhh". Finally, the little boy says to Nik and us "It looks
e-e-e-LEC-trifying!" He then gave me a shoulder butt in my leg and ran after his mother. When we get back to the car, Tomas puts Nik in his car seat and as he is strapping him in, Nik shouts "It's LECTRIFYING!".

Our next stop was the bakery. Nik admires the cupcakes, which are his favorites. The clerk leans over the counter and asks Nik what he wants. Nik says "cakecups". When she asks him what kind, he says "chicken". I told Nik he meant chocolate and he said "Oh, nooo". The clerk then pulls a cupcake off the shelf that has a little rooster on it. Silly me.