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Hot Fuck at the Spa with Bonus !!!

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I have been talking with a buddy on a gay social networking site on my cellphone for about a month now, ever since he first hit me up. We hit it off at the very beginning as we were increasingly getting hornier the more we chatted over the iphone. He is well built being 6' 1", about 190 lbs and well hung with a big and thick cock :) As he says "comes equipped with a fat hard topping tool" The more we chatted, the more I hungered to feel that tool pulsating in my ass. For the purpose of this blog I will call him "J"

Well about two weeks ago on a sunny Wednesday it finally worked out that we could meet at the spa after he got off work about 3:30 in the afternoon. It was such a nice sunny day about 70 degrees F that I told J I would probably get to the spa about 3:00 pm so as to have a few minutes enjoying the sundeck before he got there. After I arrived I showered in the big shower area and immediately went into the adjoining steamroom to relax my body a bit. I was there sitting on the ledge when a guy came over and started rubbing my legs at first then my chest and it wasn't long before he had my cock engulfed in his mouth as he reached up and played with my nipples. I just leaned back against the wall and enjoyed the moment till he reached the point where I said I didn't want to cum as I was meeting a buddy soon. He more than understood and said he would see me around. I then rinsed off with a cool shower and took myself up to the sundeck to enjoy a few moments of sunshine before J arrived. I probably spent 15 minutes on the sundeck soaking up the sunshine .

I decided to head downstairs as it was approaching the time that I was expecting J to arrive, so I stopped by the same private room I usually obtain when I go to the spa. I had left the door adjar as I was checking my iphone to see if J had left any messages. He had left message he was almost there and I texted him as to which room I was in. As I was checking the phone and leaning against the edge of the bed, in comes the guy who had been giving me head in the steamroom. We exchanged smallchat and he smiled and just crouched down in front of me and started sucking my cock and balls. I just leaned further back as I was enjoying this warmup routine before J arrived. Again, I only let him go so far as I wanted to save myself for what was to cum later. so we both left the room and I headed upstairs to rinse off in the outdoor shower on the sundeck. I then headed back inside to see if J had arrived yet. We had exchanged photos of each other so we knew what each other looked liked, unclothed :) I had my towel hanging around my neck. As I rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs there was J walking down the hallway toward me. I had seen pictures of him but he looked much more handsome in person. His towel was wrapped around his waist. As we came in contact with each other we immediately went into a kissing position right there in the middle of the hallway. I was somewhat horned obviously and his well hung cock was still in a flacid position framed by a nice pubic bush. As we were embracing each other kissing we each reached down to the other's package and gave each other a nice welcoming grab :)
J suggested we go around the corner to the indoor jacuzzi near the entrance and we both slid into the pool to sit submerged to our necks next to each other. We immediately started kissing, making out and I eagerly worked J;s cock constantly as it began to grow in my hand :) There was one other guy in the jacuzzi taking this all in. It wasn't long before I climbed onto J's legs facing him so we could kiss and embrace at the same time. His cock was growing inceasingly hard and as it was he started using it to play with my hole. I just loved the feel of his tool playing with my hole as we were getting much more into kissing at this point. He loved it also as I sucked on his ears and played with his nipples on his nice hairy chest. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that a couple other guys were watching from the railing near the jacuzzi. It was at this point that we just kinda of shifted positions and he guided his cock into my ass and I just lowered myself down on it till I felt his balls against my ass as I was still sitting on his legs facing him. We stayed in this position for some time just enjoying ourselves and after a bit changed positions so that I was facing away from him toward the other side of the jacuzzi. In this position he got a better angle and so I was moving up and down on his cock enjoying the moment. J is not only well hung but also thick so that big cock felt real nice in my ass. I eventually turned around for a bit more kissing before we decided to climb out and head to the private room for some serious fucking. :)

When we got to the private room J didn't waste any time before he indicated lets get on the bed. We kissed a bit before he gently pushed me onto my back and wasted no time playing with my asshole with his cock and mouth and making it moist. It wasn't long before he started teasing my asshole with his tool gently sliding it a bit in and out and in and out until that final push where he pushed it all the way it in as he held my legs up in the air with his arms. I moaned with pleasure as he was all the way in and I was enjoying every moment. We just kept at it in this position with him occassionally bending down to kiss me intently as his cock was still inside my ass pulsating away. Eventually he pulled out and positioned himself on his back on the bed for a moment of rest. However, I took advantage of this position to do some ass/mouth work as I went immediately to engulfing his thick hard cock into my mouth licking it like an ice cream cone, teasing the underside, and eventually deep throating his cock in my mouth. J said come on and mount me so I dipped in the elbow grease and rubbed some more on his cock and slid his cock into my ass as I was on my knees facing him. I enjoyed sliding myself up and down on his cock and getting the bed really bouncing :) He loved it when I would clamp my ass muscles onto his cock as I was doing this. Occassionally I would bend over and kiss him some more making sure as I did that , his cock remained in my ass.

After a bit of this we went into a cuddling position next to each other for a bit so we could just kiss and massage each other's body gently. J then suggested I roll onto my stomach so he he could enter me from behind and on top of me. I knew that he was ready to go deeper and harder inside me at this time and as he slid into my ass I could feel his size even more than before. At first there was a bit of discomfort as he was deeper than he had been in the other positions but since he is such a great top he adjusted positions and intensity until I was fully comfortable. and then he just went at it for whatever amount of time it was. I made a comment at this point that he sure can fuck for a long time without cumming. And he said most cedrtainly. I could tell though that he was getting closer and closer to that moment as he then had me rollover onto my back again and my feet up behind my head and he was on his knees as he slid his hard fat cock back into my wide opened hole by now. At this point the intensity of our time picked up a notch and my legs went back down toward the bed a bit so we could kiss more intently.

To me there is a special sense of intimacy having a hard fat cock in my ass as I am passionately being kissed. And J fills this special intimacy in a neat way. So he lifted back up more onto his knees and gradually picked up the intensity even more and it was neat to see the sense of pleasure and intensity on his face. He was making some moans at this point and it was cool to see his facial pleasure and sounds as he exploded in my ass at this moment as my hands were also grabbing his ass to increase the sense of pleasure I was feeling. We held that position for a bit until he collapsed on top of me and we just remained in that entangled kissing position enjoying the moment and time we had just experienced.

J is one of those exceptionable tops that knows how to use his tool but most importantly makes sure that the bottom is being pleased as he does it. Needless to say this had been a great 90 minutes or so together. We both look forward to getting together again soon.

Little did I know that the afternoon had a bit more in store for me. After J and I finished we both went to the showers and I decided to relax a bit in the steamroom before heading back to my room. After getting back to the room I was still horned as I hadn't cum as of yet, so I rubbed some elbow grease on my cock and balls and headed to what they call the black hole which was next door. They have like a black wooden X structure against one of the walls which is designed if you have chains to restrict a guys hands and legs. I was just leaning against this tructure when in comes that guy who was first giving me a b/j in the steamroom when I first got there. He noticed my nice big horny cock and started sucking away on it again, getting me so close again to climaxing. AS he was doing this, I had both hands above my head holding onto the wooden X. It was at this point he said "with that big cock you should be fucking me" So with that comment I said turn around, which he did. To my surprise my cock slid into his ass with ease as I still hung on to the wooden X. Anticipating we might get going at this I suggessted we go next door to my room. Once in the room I had him bend face down over the bed and I slid my cock right into his ass. It felt so good to hear my balls slapping against his ass as I pounded his ass. I don't top that often but this was feeling so could I will have to do more of it :) I was getting real close to exploding so I asked if he wanted me to cum in his ass. He said he preferred I didn't , so I pulled out even as horned as I was. Always one to honor the other guys desires. We kissed and parted ways.
As horned as I was now, I couldn't just shower and leave so back to the steamroom I went one more time. I was surprised to see J still hanging around in there, so I ventured over to the bench where he was sitting and made some small chat as I stroked his body and couldn't resist one more sucking of that nice big cock of his which was staring me in the face as he was sitting a level above me. So I gave him one more big swallowing of his cock as he leaned back against the wall.

With that we both smiled at each other, and I headed to the shower and then got dressed and was on my way.

It was an afternoon of fun with added bonus for sure !!!
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