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When Family Isn't

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Proof of suspicions or beliefs can arrive in different ways.

Right now I am without a home; I'm borrowing other people's roofs. I have the money I need, or rather the cash flow, to get an RV sufficient to serve me probably for the rest of my life. So I figure, let's do it.

But my credit union says it doesn't finance things as old as the RV I want, regardless of the fact that the asking price is $5k under its actual value.

While I'm trying to figure out what to do, that RV gets sold -- someone else got the good deal.

Then I stop at an RV place where I find they have their own financing. The sales guy knows the RV I was looking at, and said his finance outfit would have loaned me the money for it at that price; that's what their chart shows. Too late; it's gone.

But he's got one almost identical; it doesn't have the solar panels covering the roof, or the multi-fuel generator, but it's the same model, a year newer. So I fill out an application for it. Unfortunately, since it's priced by the book, the chart says I don't have enough income to make payments, even though my budget says I do.

But if I get a co-signer....

I have three siblings, all married. Older brother -- the one who said I destroyed the family -- and wife make serious six figures each. Sister and husband make high and mid five-figures, respectively. Younger brother and wife make low five and low six, respectively.

None will co-sign. Older brother won't even answer, sister says they don't co-sign, sister-in-law says "We can't do that right now", even though she agrees I would be able to make the payments and she'd never have to worry about it.

I sort of figured, that Christmas not so long ago when everyone walked out when I showed up, that I really didn't have any family any more. Odd that the proof came this way. Odd that any family would leave a brother homeless, especially when it won't cost anything but a signature.

Life is no fun, when family isn't family.