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My Friend's Hot Introduction to Erotic Massage

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(This blog is entirely factual; however for my friends's privacyI am using fictional names. My f/b friend I will merely call him "A" and my other friend who likes to give massages to his friends I will call Sam) (All three of us are HIV- and are tested regularly)

"A" and I have only known each other for a little over a month as we recently met on a national gay social site. I am 5' 11", 180 lbs, and 7" cut. I would guess that "A" is maybe 5' 6" and probably weighs 40 lbs less than me., and his cock is about my size and uncut(yum yum) However, he has a hot toned body with just the right amount of body hair. He is hot and he had me from the start with his smile on the profile pic on the website. Recently we had sex for the first time and since he is a total top I bottomed for him and I have to say that experience was one of the hottest fucks I have ever experienced. That experience is the subject of another blog. Well, as we have been talking, "A" expressed to me that he had never experienced an erotic massage. since I had been sharing with him that I have a friend who likes to give his friends free massages, I asked "A" if he would like to go with me sometime to Sam's house. "A" jumped at the idea so I arranged for the two of us to go over to Sam's today.

As I was driving to Sam's my cock started growing bigger in my briefs as I was thinking about being with "A" again. We both arrived at Sam's about the same time and went into his house through his recently redesigned courtyard. He has set up a massage table in a nicely decorated room that overlooks the courtyard. Sam greeted us in shorts and a tank top so it didn't take long for "A" and myself to get undressed. I went from my business suit to birthday suit in no time. My cock was already growing bigger and "A"'s cock is how I see it all the time. His cock was already pointing upward and hard. As I like to kid him, I tell him it's cocked and loaded :) We both decided we would like to rinse off quickly, so we jumped into the shower together which led to a bit of kissing and body contact in the shower before we even thought of going back to the room where Sam had setup the massage table. We took turns drying our body's off with the same towel. As we went back into the room to where Sam had his table, he himself was now naked. And Sam says well who want's to be on the table first; so I wasted no time climbing up on table and positioning myself face down as Sam was down near my feet and "A" moved up to the area of the table where my head was.

So Sam gently started massaging my back and buttocks area and I wasted no time in engulfing "A"'s hard cock into my mouth as it was staring me right in the face at just the right level. And oh my how good it tasted, as I could already taste the saltiness of precum as I licked the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock as if it was an ice cream cone. Soon I had his cock fully in my mouth with my nose buried in his pubes. My hands were wrapped around his butt, as I slid my mouth back and forth on his cock while at the same time Sam was starting to gently massage my anal opening and tease it with his soft finger movements. I was totally into it by now as I just continued giving "A" all the oral attention I could as I began to moan with joy from Sam's increasing massaging and gentle movement into the inside of my ass by now. Soon he had me moving my ass around and beginning to lift it in the air to feel his finger movement inside even better as he began to really aggressively massage my prostate now. Meanwhile I was alternating between giving "A" oral and running my tongue up and down his chest and sucking his nipples as I could reach them. He has a piercing on his right nipple which is hot and I love sucking on that and hearing his moans of pleasure as he seems to enjoy that.

Sam continued with his massaging of my prostate making me oh so horny and I made the comment that it is sure nice to have a friend to prep my hole for my other friend :) It wasn't long before I couldn't take it any longer and begged for "A" to massage my prostate with his cock. So I rolled over and slid to end of table so "A" could access me. He wasted no time in teasing my anal opening with his very moist cock from all of my attention and of course my ass had plenty of lube in it by now from all of Sam's attention. After a couple of minutes of teasing my opening, "A" slid his hard cock right into my ass and away we went. Man his cock feels great in my ass especially as I pushes it back and forth as his pelvis hits my buttcheeks. Sam worked himself around the table and positioned himself behind "A" as he was fucking me. I loved watching the facial expressions of "A" as he fucked me at varying speeds of motion and wow did he really start to smile as I realized that Sam was giving "A" as prostate massage while he was fucking me. I eventually suggested that "A" get up on the table also, so i slid back so he had room. We continued fucking but this time I had my legs wrapped around "A"'s neck as he got a better angle on me. and of course Sam continued working "A"'s ass. "A''s eyes started getting that glazed look of total pleasure and the smile got bigger on his face also as I clamped my muscles down on his pulsating cock. He pushed my legs to one side for awhile to get a better fucking angle on me which made me moan with pleasure. occassionally he wud bend over enough so we could deeply engage in kissing maintaining the fucking position. I played with his nipples, stuck my fingers in his mouth for him to suck and just generally this tremendous fucking motion as I could tell he was getting closer and closer to climaxing. His moans of pleasure grew louder as he finally shouted "I am going to cum" and his cock exploded in my ass and he collapsed on top of me as me embraced tightly and kissed for a bit. His hot cock at this point felt so good in my ass as it was engulfed in his own warm cum. He kind of sat up on table at this point and I flipped myself around so i was on my stomach with his cock in my mouth again. this time I was sucking up any residual cum and just enjoying sucking his cock and balls which where silky from the combo of cum and lube.

Sam then said Bob, you get your ass down to this end of the table. so to my surprise he was going to pick up where "A" left off. Before I knew it Sam was fucking me while at the same time massaging my cock and balls. At this point I asked "A" to climb up on top of me so i could suck his cock and balls. They tasted so good at this point again plus I don;t usually get to suck "A"'s cock when it is somewhat soft. I eventually asked him to plant his ass on my face and as he did I rimmed it and ate it with all I had. It tasted so nice especially since Sam had already worked his ass as he was fucking me. We continued in this position of Sam fucking me and bringing to climax as I ate "A''s ass until I reached the point of exploding as I felt my own cum hit my torso and stomach since I couldn't see what was going on as my face was planted in "A"'s ass.

By then "A" was ready to collapse onto the table so I suggested to Sam that it was time to give "A" some nice massage work at this point in time. So I hopped off the table and"A" lay stretched out on the table on his back. Sam began to massage his legs, toes, and eventually groin area as I concentrated on "A''s head, shoulders and upper torso. I bent over occcassionally to suck on his nipples and give him some kisses as he was so relaxed at this point. To "a"'s surprise Sam started massaging "A''s genitals , working that cock into a state of hardness again causing "A" to wiggle around with pleasure and moan from the pleasing surprise of being put in a heightened state of horniness again. The moans grew louder as I picked up the pace on my end again until Sam was able to cause "A" to cum a second time.

Sam had me trade positions with "A"as he gave me a quick and final massage as I lay on my back. He has such a soft touch and I am so glad he likes to do this for his friends. So he brought me to a state of nice relaxation and "A" and I then went back to the shower to clean up before dressing and heading out.

Needless to say both "A" and I enjoyed this afternoon with my friend Sam; and I am glad that I was able to introduce "A" to the pleasures of an erotic massage. Granted this was much more than what a traditional erotic massage experience is like. I like to call this "interactive massage"
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