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An Afternoon of Sex

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This past Wednesday was a nice relaxing afternoon of fun. It started when I dropped by a gym buddy's condo after work to have sex with him for the first time. We immediately embraced and kissed when I entered his condo. It didn't take long for us to be in the shower making out, soaping each other, and priming the cocks so to speak. We eventually made our way to his bedroom where we continued to kiss, 69, and generally make out. Soon he had the lube out and our cocks were good and wet very shortly after that. I soon climbed on top of him and slipped his cock into my ass for the start of a ride. Eventually we rolled over and I was on my back with my legs wrapped around his neck as he was on his knees. His cock was about the same size as my 7", but he was much thicker. His cock felt so good inside me as he slide it back and forth teasing me until he just pushed it deep inside as we were intensely kissing at the same time. I was moaning with pleasure and he was too as I alternated tightening and relaxing my anal muscles on his pulsating cock. We just enjoyed the position and the deep kissing until he collapsed on top of me completely relaxed from losing his load. He had to get back to a conference call as he was working from home. I showered, dressed , and left shortly after that but not to go home.

I was so horned that I decided to head to my favorite local gay sauna. And little did I know where that would take me . As I was showering I noticed this guy in his 30's eying me as I went into the steamroom. He shortly followed and sat on the ledge next to me. It didn't take long before he was leaning over giving me oral and moving my right hand and arm to play with his asshole which I was glad to do. I was thinking to myself that his hole seemed a bit tight, but I was about to find out how wrong that thought was. Well, as he worked my cock more and more, he kept urging me to play more with with ass and I eventually had three or four fingers in there. It is at this point that things got interesting as he changed his position so we were both facing each other on the ledge and he gave me a condom which I assumed he wanted me to put on, which I did. But what he really had wanted me to do something else with it; as he got another condom out and put the entire thing over my right hand and then moved my hand down to his ass. Now I realized that he wanted me to fist him with condom on my hand. So I started with a few fingers but quickly was surprised at how easily my entire hand slipped inside of his ass and then i clenched my fist and went to work. I was massaging his entire inside of his ass besides just the prostate as he was stroking away on his cock. This went on for a fair amount of time as a crowd was gathered around us until we kind of wore each other out. That was an interesting experience for me as I had never fisted a guy before.

Then one of the spa workers came in and said it was time to clean the steamroom which they do every day at 4:00 pm. So the dozen or so guys in the steamroom, we all moved to other areas of the spa. I first went to the jacuzzi but eventually made my way to what they call The Blackhole room. It was there I ran into a guy who I knew and it wasn't long before we were embraced, kissing, frotting, and in general just making out. I whispered how I enjoyed his cock inside me the last time we were there, as we had fucked on the sundeck last summer. He was wearing a rather large cockring, but did manage to get a condom on; as we were shortly in the position of me bending over slightly and he fucked me from behind. Shortly another guy showed up and I began giving him oral in my bent-over position as I was being fucked. My buddy just kept at it gradually increasing the intensity and speed until he cummed and decided he was spent. Even though there were others gathered around there were no takers to take up the top position from where he left off. A footnote to this part of my afternoon(I discovered afterwards that the guy left a mark on my ass from his cockring hitting me as he pounded me) and that was another first for me.

Well about now I decided I would head to the jacuzzi to relax a bit and give my ass a rest after two fuckings in the last hour or so. It was in the jacuzzi that I struck up a conversation with another guy who I recognized as being from my gym. It was enjoyable to talk and get to know him, though we did nothing sexually on this day.

After resting a bit I headed back to the steamroom for a final bit of rest before heading home. However once in there another guy decided he wanted to make out intensely, so I engaged him for about 20 minutes of fun or so. By now 3 hours had passed since i had first showed up at my gym buddy's condo so i decided it was time to shower and head home. Well as I was drying of another guy i recognized from my gym came out of the steamroom and was toweling at the sametime. He and I chatted for a bit and kidded about getting two workouts in on one day(one at the gym and one at the spa) This guy and i have had the pleasure of having some good sex together a few times at the spa. Mainly on the sundeck, one in broad daylight and the other one evening under the moonlight which was a hot evening back last summer :)

I thought to myself how interesting my afternoon had been. Starting out with sex with buddy from gym and then running into two other guys from my gym; one of whom I have already experienced some hot sex with.
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