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I wrote this one day long ago after hearing the sermon at one of the last church services I attended. Sermons can be inspirational, but I just don't dig the whole Jesus thing so much... Anyway, I'm posting this because I just wrote the music to it this week.

Frances and McClinn

Iím eighty-one years two after today
Been round a lifetime already, son
Frances aní me been almost six decade
Aní boy, Iím sad to say weíre done

I built me my business from the ground up
Workiní every day for Ďs long Ďs can remember
And now after all this time I screwed up
Canít find what I earned since September

Sheís stealiní from me, son I tell ya
How could she do this to me, my boy?
I ainít no damn fool now, I tell ya
Sheís taken my money, my pride and joy

Love passed away from Mr. McClinn
All those years meant nothing
Love passed away from Mr. McClinn
Replaced by rage and cussing

Dear boy, he doesnít always know anymore
The words to his favorite ďBe Still My SoulĒ
Or his six grandchildren, all who he adores
Dear boy, his disease is starting to take its toll

You know Iíd never take the business money
I love him so much always and forever
Please sit down and talk to him, my honey
I canít stand it when weíre not together

I know this is gonna just get harder
He and me will be strong throughout
But right now I need more than a card
I need you to help me talk about it

Timeís worn down on Mr. McClinn
Heís not quite as sharp as before
Timeís worn down on Mr. McClinn
Soon heíll be opening that great door

Sheís not stealing money from you, old man
Now donít you think that way ever again
Frances is your wife and does what she can
And you still think sheís a cheating old hen?

Well let me ask you this, then, Mr. McClinn
Do you know she loves you with all her heart?
Yeah, thatís right, you do understand then
She hasnít betrayed you yet, so now why start?

No matter what happens in the future, sir
Donít ever forget that your wife loves you
While you still can, say every day you love her
Cause you know sixty years ago still rings true

Faith came back to Mr. McClinn
To both him and Frances
Faith came back to Mr. McClinn
Look at how the couple dances

And love returned to Mr. McClinn
All those years mean something
And love returned to Mr. McClinn
Replacing the rage and cussing