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Suntan and Sex at the Spa

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On a recent sunny Wednesday afternoon the temperature was in the high 80's F; so I headed to my favorite spa. I love going to the sundeck there on such nice days. When I got there I requested a private room as I usually do, showered and headed up to the sundeck. It appeared that it might be a slow day at the spa as I didn't see many guys.

When I got to the sundeck there were maybe four guys lounging in the sun, so I spread my towel down on a lounge chair , went over to the outdoor shower on the deck and got my body completely wet. I then lay on my back to soak up the sunshine. Not much was happening for a bit, until I heard the spa door open and this hot tan well toned guy came walking out wearing a red speedo. He was probably early 30's or so. He took a chair not more than 5 feet from me, positioning the chair at a 45 degree angle facing away from me. Just so I could see his body from his head to his toes. He also went over to the shower and returned soaking wet as I was earlier. He put his hot sunglasses on and lay down so my eyes could take it all in.

Still not much was happening other than he played with his package every so often and exchanged an occassional glance as I also was stroking my cock and balls a bit :) Things began to change when another guy with a silver cock ring and hard cock came out and literally sat in a regular chair next to me . I recognized the guy as he did me, cause we had fucked before at the spa. His cock was glistening in the sun from the lube he had already put on it. Well, it didn't take me long to reach over and start stroking his already hard cock which quickly led to me just getting up and saying "it looks like a good ride". He responded, do you have a condom, at which point I reached under my chair and gave to him. So it was a matter of moments and I had his cock inside my ass riding it up and down as we faced the hot guy in the red speedo. It was at this point that I really got the attention of the guy in the speedo as he really started stroking his package now and then untied his suit and pulled his cock out. I made facial expressions to him which clearly made known to him that I like what I saw, as it was a nice looking size cock. I would learn later that it was 8" or so. Well I continued to ride the guy in the chair for a few more minutes until he decided he needed a break. So I lifted my ass off of his cock and headed to the inside shower for a quick rinse.

I quickly returned to the sundeck to find my speedo guy still there. I got myself all wet under the outdoor shower and took my place in the lounge chair again. It was at this point that the speedo guy got up went to the outdoor shower and returned with that glistening soaked look. He didn't just return to his lounge chair, but first he changed to another chair so he was directly facing me. He lay back down and immediately started playing with his package. After a bit, he had that nice cock sticking out of the speedo; so I took it upon myself to reach for my lube and get up and go over to his lounge chair. I knelt down next to him and immediately starting playing with his cock and nipples. He was more than liking it especially as I began sucking him while at the same time playing with his now erect nipples. We made some small talk but were progressively getting more and more into foreplay and kissing, etc. Another guy stopped by for a second to participate just long enough to help me remove the guy's red speedo suit. It was at this point that he and I really got passionate and I was going to town deep throating his cock as it was covered with tons of saliva by now. I couldn't resist any longer so I climbed up on him facing him and placed his cock in my ass.

We really went at it intensely, getting into deep kisses and he was thrusting his body in various movements as I was going up and down on him. After a bit we had been going at it so hard that he developed a cramp in one of his quads. So I got off and rubbed his quad muscles while at the same time sucking his cock again.

After a bit we decided to resume fucking, so we looked around for a different position possibility. We decided for me to lay face down on the lounge chair next to us . Before I did that I put more lube on his cock. He then fucked me from behind and eventually then worked into being on top of me. We picked up the intensity as the slurpy slapping sound of this balls hitting me reverberated . I loved the sound but enjoyed the feeling of him pounding me even more. By then the crowd watching had grown in size:) We could have continued for a much longer time but by now we were both sweating and in need of a break. So we had a deep kiss and both picked up and headed inside to shower, cool-down, and get some liquids.

I went and showered, got some water and actually sat in the jacuzzi a bit to rest my body and relax. After awhile I went to the steamroom to relax some more before heading back upstairs. However as I was leaving the steamroom I noticed my speedo buddy in the shower rinsing off as I was doing. We engaged in smalltalk as we went down the hall. I asked if he was "warmed up now", which he took to mean let's go at it again. However we decided to do it in my private room this time and I asked if he wanted the door open or closed. He said closed since we were inside now. So I closed the door, but didn't think to lock it.

We started up kissing each other again and we were just getting into the 69 position when the door slid open and two more guys came in who had obviously seen us go into the room. Speedo guy didn't seem to mind so i didn't; but what it meant is that I had lost out on more 1-1 with him. Because what this turned into now was a 3 way or almost a 4 way. As speedo guy and I were making out, one of the other guys kinda inserted himself between us. The long and short of this part was that this third guy ended up being fucked by speedo guy as he sucked my cock. The fourth guy just played with the other three of us as this was all going on. My lesson learned was to lock that door next time if I wanted just 1-1.

The other two guys then left and speedo guy and I were left alone for a bit. By now we were both tired and quite sweaty from the intensity of this second encounter. We just hugged for a bit and rubbed each other all over for a bit.

Well, what I thought might be a slow day at the spa turned out to be quite intense and fun indeed.

It's not everyday that you can get a nice suntan while having great sex at the sametime.
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