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all you really need to know parts I & II

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a.c. newman; abiku; aimee mann; air; akron/family; alpine those myriads!; american football; american sloth; ampere; amps for christ; an albatross; anatomy of a ghost; anderson films; andrew bird's bowl of fire; andrew kenney; angel hair; animal collective; annie; antony & the johnsons; apparat; appleseed cast; applied communications; arcade fire; archers of loaf; architecture in helsinki; arco; ariel pink; arnold schoenberg; at the drive-in; atmosphere; b-52s; badgerlore; bauhaus; the beach boys; the beatles; beck; bedhead; bedroom heroes; belle & sebastian; beneath low flying planes; ben gibbard; benton falls; bjork; black dice; black eyes; the blow; blue oyster cult; blur; bonnie 'prince' billy; bottom of the hudson; boyracer; braid; brainiac; brand new; the breeders; bright eyes; broken social scene; built to spill; bunkbed; butthole surfers; cap'n jazz; casiotone for the painfully alone; cat power; catbees; chicks on speed; child pornography; chin up chin up; chk! chk! chk!; circle takes the square; clap your hands say yeah; claude debussy; coastal; codeine; coldplay; coughs; the cramps; cursive; the dandy warhols; danger mouse; daniel johnston; daughters; david bowie; dead elizabeth; the dead science; death cab for cutie; death from above 1979; deerhoof; deftones; deluxx folk implosion; depeche mode; desaparecidos; devendra banhart; dia del astronaut; die, emperor! die!; dillinger escape plan; dinosaur jr; dirty three; discover america; the dismemberment plan; djali zwan; DNA; dntel; don caballero; donovan; the doors; doves; drive like jehu; ed gein; eels; eggs; elliott smith; enon; ester drang; ex-models; explosions in the sky; the faint; faraquet; feo; fiction; the folk implosion; four tet; frog eyes; from monument to masses; galaxie 500; gang of four; gerbertron 9000; the get up kids; girls against boys; god is my co-pilot; godspeed you black emperor!; good for cows; gravy train!!!!; the gun club; gustavo santaolalla; gwen stefani; hank williams sr.; headphones; hella; the hidden cameras; i hate myself; ibopa; ida; idaho; idlewild; imperial teen; the innocence mission; the insects; the [international] noise conspiracy; interpol; ira!; iron & wine; iron horse; it'll grow back; james chance & the contortions; japancakes; thejesusandmarychain; jim yoshii pile-up; jimmy eat world; joan of arc; joanna newsom; john cage; john frusciante; johnny cash; joy division; joy wants eternity; jukeboxer; kanye west; karate; kimya dawson; kings of convenience; kite flying society; kodan armada; le joshua; lewis; lightning bolt; liz phair; long hind legs; lou barlow; low; lydia lunch; m.i.a.; magic whores; the magnetic fields; make believe; man or astro-man?; marathon; mark mothersbaugh; mars; the martinis; mclusky; mewithoutyou; mf doom; mineral; minus the bear; mirah; missy elliot; modest mouse; mogwai; mohammed rafi; mONE; monster dudes; morsecode heartbeat; mount eerie; the mountain goats; nada surf; nervous cop; neutral milk hotel; the new year; nick cave; nico; nine inch nails; nirvana; the number twelve looks like you; occam's razor; ...of death; of montreal; okay; one am radio; oneida; the oregon donor; outkast; owen; owls; a pageant's end; panda bear; the paper chase; patti smith; pavement; pedro the lion; a petal fallen; pg. 99; pidgeon; pinback; the pine; pinkeye; pit er pat; the pixies; pj harvey; placebo; the plot to blow up the eiffel tower; polvo; pretty girls make graves; rademacher; radiohead; rainer maria; the raveonettes; red house painters; respira; ride; rilo kiley; robert palmer; the robot ate me; rocking horse winner; the saddest landscape; sailboats; saosin; saves the day; say hi to your mom; seam; sebadoh; 7 year rabbit cycle; the shaggs; the shins; sigur ros; silverchair; simon & garfunkel; simple minds; sinaloa; single frame; six organs of admittance; six parts seven; skip james; sleater-kinney; slint; slow coming day; slowblow; slowdive; smashing pumpkins; the smiths; the soma holidays; sonic youth; sparta; spoon; starchildren; steve reich; the stooges; sufjan stevens; suicide; suit and tie superhero; summer at shatter creek; sunny day real estate; swans; swearbear; swearing at motorists; takaru; tattle tale; teenage jesus and the jerks; ten in the swear jar; tender forever; textbook traitors; theoretical girls; the thermals; they found my naked corpse face down in the snow; this song is a mess but so am i; thursday; tortoise; tosca tango orchestra; tracy chapman; ugly casanova; uncle tupelo; the unicorns; unwed sailor; velvet underground; viva voce; weezer; weird weeds; the white stripes; the winks; winter wardrobe; the wrens; xiu xiu/larsen; the yeah yeah yeahs; young people.

3-iron; 8; 21 grams; 24 hour party people; the 24th day; the 400 blows; 2001: a space odyssey; about schmidt; adaptation; akira; alice in wonderland; all about my mother; all the real girls; amelie; american beauty; american pop; american psycho; american splendor; amores perros; anarchy tv; angels in america; arsenic and old lace; bad education; the adventures of baron munchausen; batman begins; battle royale (2000); bear cub; before night falls; before sunrise; being john malkovich; best in show; beetlejuice; the big lebowski; blood: the last vampire; blow; blue velvet; boogie nights; boys don't cry; the brady bunch movie; bram stoker's dracula; brazil; breathless (1960); broken flowers; the brown bunny; buck rogers in the 25th century; buffalo '66; bully; but i'm a cheerleader; the cabinet of dr. caligari; caligula; catch-22; cecil b. demented; celebrity; the celluloid clost; charlie and the chocolate factory; chasing amy; un chien andalou; city of lost children; clerks; a clockwork orange; closer; clueless; coffee & cigarettes; cq; el crimen de padre amaro; the crow; cry baby; dancer in the dark; the dangerous lives of altar boys; dark habits; dawn of the dead (1976); dazed and confused; dead man; dead poets society; d.e.b.s; deconstructing harry; devil's playground; die mommie! die!; a dirty shame; dog day afternoon; dogma; la dolce vita; donnie darko; the doom generation; the door in the floor; dopamine; dot the i; dr. strangelove (or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb); the dreamers; drop dead gorgeous; easy rider; ed wood; edge of seventeen; edward scissorhands; election; elephant; elling; empire records; eternal sunshine of the spotless mind; eyes wide shut; far from heaven; fahrenheit 451; fantastic planet; fargo; fear and loathing in las vegas; the fearless vampire killers (or pardon me but your teeth are in my neck); festern/dogme 1; flesh gordon; andy warhol's frankenstein; frida; from hell; garden state; gattaca; george washington; ghost world; girl, interrupted; the girl next door; glen or glenda?; go; gods and monsters; the good girl; good will hunting; goodbye lenin!; gossip; the graduate; green; gummo; hackers; hairspray (1988); happiness (1998); happy endings; harold & maude; heavy metal; hedwig and the angry inch; mel brooks' history of the world: part 1; hero (2002); a home at the end of the world; house of flying daggers; the house of yes; human nature (2001); i heart huckabees; i shot andy warhol; the ice storm; igby goes down; imaginary heroes; in the bedroom; in the mood for love; inside deep throat; intolerance; james and the giant peach; julien donkey-boy; junebug; kids; kill bill; kinsey; knife in the water; kung fu kitties; kung pow: enter the fist; kurt & courtney; gus van sant's last days; the last laugh (1931); the last picture show; lay3r c4ke; the life aquatic with steve zissou; a life less ordinary; the life of brian; live flesh; lock, stock & two smoking barrels; lord of the rings (1978); lost highway; lost in translation; magnolia; mallrats; man with a movie camera (1929); manic; mars attacks!; me & you & everyone we know; mean creek; mean girls; the meaning of life; melvin goes to dinner; metropolis (1929); midnight cowboy; a mighty wind; mitt liv som hund; mona lisa smile; monty python and the holy grail; the motorcycle diaries; moulin rouge; mulholland drive; my own private idaho; mysterious skin; mystic river; naked lunch; natural born killers; night of the living dead (1968); the nightmare before christmas; ninja scroll; noi; nosferatu, a symphony of horror (1922); not another teen movie; office space; one flew over the cuckoo's nest; the opposite of sex; ordinary people; our lady of the assassins; palindromes; party monster (2003); pecker; pi; the pianist; plan 9 from outer space; poison (1991); the adventures of prince achmed; princess mononoke; prozac nation; psycho (1960); psycho beach party; pulp fiction; punch drunk love; querelle; quills; reefer madness (2005); removed (1999); reservior dogs; the ring; rize; rock & rule; rocky horror picture show; roma; william shakespeare's romeo + juliet (1996); romy and michele's high school reunion; rope; rosemary's baby; the royal tenenbaums; the rules of attraction; the rules of the game (1939); rushmore; run lola run; the saddest music in the world; [safe]; saved!; scary movie 3; scotland, pa; scream; the searchers; the adventures of sebastian cole; secretary; serial mom; se7en; the seventh seal; shadow of the vampire; shaolin soccer; shaun of the dead; the shining (1980); sidewalks of new york; sideways; singles; six degrees of separation; slacker (1991); slaughterhouse five; slc punk; sleepy hollow; spaceballs; spirited away; spun; stagecoach; state & main; storytelling; strangers on a train; suburbi@ (1996); superstar: the karen carpenter story (1987); swoon; the talented mr. ripley; talk to her; tank girl; tape; tarnation; taxi driver; team america: world police; the third man; this is spinal tap; three kings; threesome; thumbsucker; time bandits (1981); totally fucked up; the toxic avenger; trainspotting; the trip (2002); a trip to the moon; the triplets of belleville; twins falls, idaho; urbania (2000); velvet goldmine; vera drake; a very long engagement; victim; videodrome; vincent; the virgin suicides; waking life; watership down; the weather underground; welcome to the dollhouse; who's afraid of virgina woolf; wild at heart; women on the verge of a nervous breakdown; wonder boys; wonderland; the woodsman; xiu xiu: the sent down girl; y tu mama tambien; yellow submarine; young frankenstein; z channel; zoolander.
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