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  1. Some people are afraid to express an opinion for fear popular opinion condemnation. Political correction run amuck.
  2. He deleted something about misandrists being Useful Idiots.
  3. No, I don't think I have.
  4. I never use them either (but my modest sexual repertoire is in another direction). I hope you don't do tattoos.
  5. Yes. But it stopped after he had that strange ban last month
  6. Well, Pat, isn't that what you are doing with Buzzer and Rareboy?
  7. There's too much bitching in JUB already.
  8. It's obvious he's here to stir shit. Go ahead and bitch about him.
  9. Yes I agree. But I'm but going to presume nor bitch about him.
  10. I think if he had been ill, he would have posted about it, don't you? Maybe people just get tired of the conflict and surrender. Try to get along now.
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