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  1. My phone switched off? I was doing errands today and not always near the phone (e.g. when carrying in groceries). Had a productive day, including, unfortunately, getting some of the first paw-paw fruit. They're not very good this year and I'd been looking forward to the current harvest.
  2. Fair enough It's been okay, thanks, although it would be much better without the annoying kids

  3. I didn't see it on my first and only attempt to promptly reply to my favorite cousin. I hope you had a good Saturday with the family.
  4. There's a message from you from August just a little further down the page.

  5. I think I need to leave a message here since I'm not on the first few pages.
  6. I suppose they help mobile device users. I certainly hope so, or they have no use other than doubling what's on my screen -- as you say, almost as big as the full image.
  7. I absolutely hate the new thumbnails! In some instances they are almost as big as the embedded images!

  8. I saw the title and never clicked on it. Thanks!
  9. Thank you
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