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  1. On Sunday and Tuesday I posted links and pictures of the installation in my thread and it turns out that one of my JUB friends has actually purchased one of the poppies.

    Yes, just viewing it in pictures and on the television was quite something. It must have been even more so to those who have seen it with their own eyes, especially for any relatives of the fallen. As for the leaders, history has shown that their arrogance made them oblivious to the great travesty they were the perpetrators of.
  2. I thought the installation was overwhelming. That each represented an innocence given, a trust given, a life given. Such heros for their nation in which they have faith. One wonders how the leaders could live with themselves for allowing it to go so far.
  3. I know what you mean - - - doing a name search for every picture is such an effort. I know the biggies, and do avoid them, but then some models change their looks so that even then it is easy to post in error. I did that with some cutie - he had dyed his hair blond and I didn't realize. Then there are those I've never heard of and would not recognize at all. Just have to rely on someone to let me know!
  4. Oh right, thanks for that, I've reported it. I've seen his name before but wasn't familiar with his face. If I had done an image search to find the name before I posted I would have realised he was a no-no
  5. Actually I thought the first guy was Brent Everett. Has a distinctive tat on his arm.
  6. Do you mean the fifth guy? It's alright, similar name but different guys. Thanks anyway
  7. I think the guy in 1727 of the Jeans tab is on the "forbidden fruits" list. Maybe not, he used to be, but then it might change.
  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the dog pictures! Sorry, no other views similar to the last pic, that was just a lucky find whilst looking through a tumblr for something else.
  9. Almost as much as you?! I'm not so sure about that!
  10. it is well known that you do appreciate Quinn almost as much as I do.
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