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  1. Thank you
  2. Thanks And , yes, we do indeed
  3. I think I know where to find pepperoni rolls
  4. I don't yet know how to find a pepperoni roll, but I'll be glad to share the paw-paws.

  5. I'm so glad our medical system is much simpler than yours.

  6. Perhaps they are vampires-in-training. I still need to get all that done, but the place my insurance prefers isn't close. The doctor has a lab next door but it is somehow not on the approved list. I also want her to add couple of tests and I need to call. She didn't want to do any tests because I'm healthy, but agreed to do basic screening to help me stay that way. I hope you get a good grade!
  7. I exaggerated by saying vampires Yes, routine, part of my annual health review
  8. Had to post as links only because there are kids in the pictures. Glad you liked them
  9. True, that.
  10. But surely that's one of the reasons why you like me?!
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