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  1. No, sometimes, and no.
  2. What?! You took the photos?! You had a nekkid man in your laundry room?! And a real live foxy?!

  3. I'm glad you liked the dryer fox. I sort of made that one.
  4. Dunno, probably. That bit is easy, everybody is British - except for the Scots, Welsh and Irish Anyway, don't worry about it, when you're here, you'll have me as your guide so everything will be fine

  5. Isn't there a proper visitor's manual for spending time amongst the British? Including a section on when to say "British" rather than "English" or something else?
  6. By the way, I think you should take note of those memes, they may prove useful some day
  7. So you did Not yet As for my recent penchant for spankings, I'm just being mischievous and trying to blend in with the general tone of the place, so don't be reading too much into it and getting any funny ideas

  8. I was careful to say "you people" and thought at the time that it did not entirely include you. You can't read my mind? I suppose that's good. BTW, I've noticed you've been quick to dole out spankings lately.
  9. For saying we watch weird stuff Okay, my people might do so, but I like to think that I am a little more selective

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