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  1. Yes agreed, so why not just swap them around? Hide Marty's empty-of-fuel one in the mine for 1955, and take Doc's still-fuelled one out and just drive it back to 1985.

    P.S. Really good to hear from you!

    Hope you're well and post around here more.
  2. Thanks Borg!

    How are you? I miss you around here. Hope you're keeping fine.
  3. Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!
  4. The nodes have flown the coop. Horta is suffering.
  5. It's like a gif version of a planetarium.

    I noticed that the arrow whizzing around the outside was always directly opposite the Earth with the Sun in between - since the monthly cycle of the year and one orbit around the Sun amount to exactly the same time period.

    Maybe they should have included a certain cube-shaped object ominously arriving at Saturn....
  6. This reminded me of you...
  7. I use the simple, effective, and tried and tested method of ignore, (and by that I mean COMPLETELY ignore) refuse to reply, refuse to acknowledge, refuse to post in ANY thread started, and even refuse if possible to post directly after, in all cases. I've been following those rules for years now.
  8. I DID have a "muse"...

    I didn't expect it to be a "List of Things To Do Today..."
  9. I'm the opposite. I've seen 1-2 episodes during the early/mid 80's, but didn't get hooked until the last 4 Doctors.

    I was too young to appreciate Dr. WHO in the 80's, and was more into the droids, aliens and space battles of Star Wars then. It (Dr. Who) was too cerebral for me! LOL. Also unlike you, I loved the CGI of the Tardis exit! Matt Smith was my fave Doctor.
  10. Yes that was a good effect, but remember also that I am an 'old school' fan which means modern flashy CGI sequences don't 'feel' much like Doctor Who to me!

    So I remember for example when they did a perfectly good 'triple dematerialisation' at the end of The Five Doctors in 1983 (I will not consider you a proper fan unless you've seen The Five Doctors!) it was the very first story I got on VHS (or rather my parents bought me) about age 10 or 11, but I already knew the show by then of course, and I remember Peter Davison from very young.

    You can rely on me to keep it Classic (1963-1989) i.e. 1st to 7th - that is where my 'heart' will always be!
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