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Irish Queer

  1. Opening Hours

    Out doing some shopping today and I noticed that people began rushing round for the last minute things before the shops close. Now looking at the windows I noticed that the well known sign showing us the opening hours are gone (*U*) (*S*) How are the busy shoppers able to cope. Have these signs become unfashionable in this Coffee bar and designer shop world we live in?
  2. Are Gay men becomming cattle.

    Watching TV it seems that all gay men have to dress like a 15 year old girl no matter what age they are. Is this a brand mark that says GAY?

    The clothes are those liitle T-Shirts that have stupid slogans on them and jeans with those girlly belts. I mean they look terrible. I'd be embarressed, why not just a shirt and jeans or a plain tee. For God sake why do the male of they species think they are half the age they really are???

    You can be old and wear nice ...
  3. Originality gone out the window.

    OK so we are told sex sells and still shocks but I've had it to the back teeth with it in music. Watching MTV and saw a few video that should not be shown at a time when children are watching for Example Jake Shares(sp) being spanked dressed as a baby by some guy. Call on Me Video is just softcore porn.

    When I saw these video I just said I saw this before. I really want something fresh and original that I enjoy.
  4. Is God taking the mick??????

    I've had a really crappy day and as Iam a reglious person I find myself wondering if I've really upset God in some way. Last Monday I got bad news from my surgeon regarding an operation, then I sat an MCP on Microsoft Server and failed it. Got another MCP on Friday and passed it so things were looking up. Today I resat Mondays test and failed again I managed to get a higher score but overall did worse in this test.

    To make matters worse I got the lowest mark of those that failed ...
  5. Proud of myself

    Watched 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS the other day and I never really lusted after Paul Walker or Tyrees I must be cured lol. Too busy enjoying the fast cars, chases and action.
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