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  1. The next step

    Ok, I did it. I thought about it for a while and thought it was too soon, but I did it any way. I moved in with Todd. Things were okay with me staying with my sister and her husband but I know I was in the way. And there was no way I could afford an apartment on my own. I was staying there any way so when he asked I said no at first, but I guess he wore me down.

    Over all, things are going well between us. He has openly acknowledged our relationship to his friends and at work. ...
  2. Nothing "earth shattering"....just some things

    Things have been going pretty good with Todd. We have been spending a lot of time together and I am getting to know him pretty well. Or so I thought....

    When you first meet him, he definitely comes off as one of those "straight" guys who would be willing to bend a little to our side for some sex. He has this whole macho straight guy persona about him and the way he acts. He is always flirting with the girls at work. In fact, sometimes his conversations with them get ...
  3. Sorry, I deleted my last blog entry....

    My last blog entry was just the ramblings of a bipolar, depressed guy who is painfully shy and has little to no self-esteem.

    While it was meant to be funny, I apparently hurt some feelings. I swear I NEVER had any one person in mind when I wrote those things.

    It was just me being in a bad mood and bitching since I don't really have anyone I can bitch to when I'm in a bad mood.

    I am really sorry that I hurt your feelings, and honestly, it was not my ...
  4. Stupid and intolerant

    See above entry.
  5. WHAT THE $&(@*($ DO I DO NOW?

    Okay, so my exams are over. I don't have anything to do for awhile except go to work. And now I realize how FUCKING bored I am.

    I can't afford school next semester so I am going to have to take time off. I don't really have any ties to NJ except school (and my sister and her family but they don't really care if I am around or not).

    I LOVE my job here, but its not like it pays great. But I will miss the friends I made at work if I decide to leave.

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