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  1. 18 years old VS. now

    This was a response to a thread here, but liked it enough to post it as my new blog......

    I'm so different now, yet some traits are still the same.

    1984--18 years old. I was such a geek,///////still am, lol!
    ******* I was very shy, and afraid of the world.////Now I love to talk, still feel awkward when trying to meet new people. I LOVE to explore the world around me. Love to take day trips, wish I had money to travel places I want to go.

  2. Actors who are Out, but not Out.

    (I posted this as a response to an article on a celeb site, but liked what I ended up saying, so decided to use it as a Blog update here).......

    It really annoys me when actors say "I just don't talk about my sexuality". I have no respect for actors who are "Out" in their personal lives and in the background of Hollywood, but do not EVER comment on their sexuality when the cameras are rolling. To not speak about "it", equates it with being "wrong"
  3. Conformity.....or not.

    I really hate conformity. Why should everyone behave/look like/think like everyone else? There seems to be such pressure on us to be just like the person next to you. Yet at the same time people are encouraged to be individuals. This starts at such a young age too! In schools today (and I remember this when I was young too) young kids are taught that "we are all unique, and thats o.k----------as long as you are just like the people around you."
    What angers me especially ...
  4. If your're a nerd and you know it, clap your hands!....

    Yep, I'm a nerd. I have tried many times over my 40 years (O.K. Damn it!--41!) to try to change, but I always revert, and now over the last few years I have come to accept it. When I was younger my family moved around a lot. And each time I ended up in a new school, in a new town, I told myself---"this time I'm going to be cool!" "this time people will like me!" "I WON"T be picked on anymore because I will fight back!" (plus, since they will LIKE me, they won't ...
  5. Toronto, my Utopia

    A friend of mine moved to Toronto to go to school up there about 6 years ago. He invited me up there to visit during his first year there. I had never really traveled out of Ohio in most of my adult life. I have since been to Toronto about once a year for the last six years. Twice the year he married his boyfriend up there and I was his Best Man.
    Ever since my first visit there, I felt I had found "Home". I don't know if any of you have ever visited a place and felt "this ...
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