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  1. Rules for celeb sightings

    After seeing some rather horrible behaviour over the weekend in Miami, I thought I'd post this here for the general good.

    1) Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bother them while they are eating with requests for autographs, photos or chit chat. They're eating! Let them enjoy their meal in peace.

    2) Do not try to engage them in conversation while peeing next to them at the urinal. Sneaking peeks at the pecker is okay, though.

    3) When they are out in public with ...
  2. Umm, did she just say that?!?!

    So, I'm sitting at a local coffeshop (not a Starbucks, thank you very much) enjoying some tea. There's this homeless woman coming up the street and the girl at the next table, not seeing here clearly says to her friends "Jeez! Like, I wish I could be that fucking thin. How does she stay so thin?" Her friends were looking at here like she had just mentioned she likes to eat babies dipped in chocolate or something. When the woman passed, she turned bright red and her friends started ...
  3. The Homosexual Agenda!

    I was surfing around on Craiglist.com, just looking at all the free amateur porn....um, I mean personal ad nudes, when I saw this:

    The Homeseuxal Agenda!

    I wonder if this is the actual schedule of someone in SF? :-)
  4. Tweakers are scum

    Okay, I've had it. The next tweaked out homo I see gets it right between the eyes with both barrels.

    Why must someone fill themselves with drugs and destroy their bodies all in the name of "fun"? How much fun can you be having when you've gone from model hot to looking like a walking skeleton. Who wouldn't want to have your heart pounding in you chest while vainly attempting to achieve an erection?

    The thing that scares me most is that everywhere you turn, ...
  5. Insane money grubbing scum

    I just received an e-mail from a man who is going to file a lawsuit against me. Apparently, he took all of the pictures on my website and since I don't have his permission to use them, he is going to sue. But, I can save myself alot of trouble and just fork over some cash to him for a license to display the pics on my site.

    I guess I'd be totally screwed if it weren't for the fact I took all the damn photos myself! What type of bullshit scam is this? Does anyone actually fall ...
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