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  1. Naked and composed: CMNM Festa Honolulu, January 1-3, 2016, Part 2

    What type of events: CMNM Festa Welcome Pool Party (at a private home - clothing optional - of course), a Naughty Boy Costume and Role-Play in a penthouse suite of a Waikiki Hotel, a sleepover (with clothed and naked males in attendance), male strippers and uniformed hosts will be in attendance at several of the events. In the day time on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy several tourist excursions or some special CMNM events and tours: visit to a nude beach, naked diving / snorkeling, a naked ...

    Updated October 9th, 2015 at 08:29 PM by sunbuns99

  2. Caught getting rimmed - An experience by bradjup

    [This story is re-published by permission of the author, bradjup, from the discussion board at]

    I went to my usual Friday hangout after work, the sex club at 330pm is pretty much dead so i get to strip naked and surprise the handful men that show up, mainly older.

    Only 4 men when i arrived so i stripped and walked around, ...
  3. Freeballing as Fashion, Lifestyle and Fetish Part II

    Freeballing crosses lifestyle, and gender orientation barriers

    Freeballing may remind us of the tension / difference between gay and straight but it is something that brings us together more than it separates.
    The interaction on the discussion threads illustrates something I really love about -- I find that is one of the few sites on the Internet as a 'virtual community' and may also be one of the few actual 'communities' where men of all
  4. Freeballing as Fashion, Lifestyle and Fetish Part III

    Finding pics of freeballing
    I wish it were easy to tell you where to find photos of men in uniform. While there are some sites devoted to sexual activities of military men - I don't actually really collect those and won't be posting them here - -since that's not what this site is about. I don't know of any one source that would have so many photos of men in uniform (who are freeballing) - unless you are willing to pay to join (which I am not).
    I found these in various places: Yahoo groups, ...
  5. Roommate CMNM - How to get it started without risking offense Part II

    Talking about sexuality and the male body

    It may be helpful - not only for your friendship with your roommates - but also as a way to get everyone in the the living environment used to commenting on (or even discussions) ...
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