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  1. Booh!

  2. JUB Buddylist for Firefox

    Warning: Can lead to use JUB in an almost facebook kind of way ;)

    Recently I was annoyed with the JUB Buddylist always being in an extra window and being covered by other stuff where you are actually working with. Of course this is not a problem if you have two monitors (*sigh* I used to ;) ), but if you are stuck with one, I thought using the sidebar was ...
  3. Nifty tricks for JUB

    One good thing about JUB is that you don't need to be tech-savy at all to use it. But once you wish to use more and more features you slowly advance your skills on your own and learn new things - like quoting, including images in your posts, customizing your signature and so on. Those are all things that you learn or wish to learn because you saw someone else using the feature.
    But you hardly ever look someone over the shoulder while he is using JUB, so you don't see HOW someone uses JUB ...
  4. geek comics!

    And kinda different they are :) Not the usual geek humor more like it-science/math/gamer humor. You really need some background knowledge to get most of the jokes, and that's why i like it :)

  5. Did you already try the Thread Color Coding?

    Have a look at the bottom of:

    there is a more or less new feature that many people haven't seen before - called "Thread Listing Color Status". A cool but quite hidden feature - try it out! :)

    oh and i forgot, it's for jub supporters only ;)
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