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  1. Almost Snog

    Hehe, went out drinking, something I dont normally do, working in a bar its kinda a put off really. I went drinking with my best friend, ended up at my work place, danced a bit, which I suck at cos I dont have the confidence, just kinda waved my drunken body around.

    Well I went to the bar and blew a kiss to one of my good friends who was working, and this guy who was clearly joking and taking the piss said "hey, I want one!" and I just replied "oh really?, I dont think ...
  2. Could this be real?

    Well there’s this girl I know (lets call her Fern, its not her name), okay yeah I work with her, big surprise, but she works the café side of the bar I work at so I don’t actually work with her in the strictest of senses. Well I have worked a few shifts with her behind the bar (she’s too young to serve, but she’s a glass washer/cleaner behind the bar so we get to talk allot).

    Well anyway we’ve been getting quite close, we have this kinda bully joking relationship where we insult each ...
  3. Get Over Him!

    I thought I was getting bored of this straight guy, my atention has been kinda wondering away from him, thinking about this girl I know, something could happen there, I feel an atraction, and I feel she might feel an atraction (although shes out of my league, but who believes in those anymore)

    In my mind I know Rob is a lost cause, why go for someone who cant feel the same back, or at least isn't ready to feel something back, plus I dont think there is anything other than respect/basic ...
  4. Stupid Driving

    Just another silly little thing that I spend obsessing over.

    Basically I did people a favour by giving them a lift home from work tonight, I always do that, I’m a kind guy, I think I drive safely, I know how to drive silly, I have driven silly but I’m still in control of the car. I don’t drive like those fuckers who over take on a corner. I know I make mistakes, part of driving is making mistakes, pulling out in front of someone, we’ve all done it, but you just have to be polite about ...
  5. Stupid Heart

    I saw Rob tonight, he came into the pub while I was working and my fucking heart, I felt it skip a beat, I think I might have taken a sharp intake of breath as well, I'm sure he knew I was happy to see him, he gave me his inocent boy smile and simply said hi.

    He was wearing a top that made him look super camp, mainly because it had shiny patches to it, quite tight as well, hot! all I could think was 'Yeah... I've made out with him... that cute guy stood right there, yep him THAT ONE! ...
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