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  1. anyways....

    i went down to d.c. yesterday with my mom. i didn't get much sleep first off. two hours of sleep actually. went to bed at 2, woke up at 4:20. it was like i had just closed my eyelids as soon as my mom came into my room and told me that it was time to go.

    took a shower, packed up my things, ate some cereal, and whatever. we had to go back home several times because we forgot to bring along certain things such as map directions and my mom's digital camera. we started the trip ...
  2. just jerked off and......

    wow, i feel tired as FUCK!! dayum... i went from being a big ball of energy ready to take on the world to slump city.

    man..... i decided to do something different today and jerk off to this.

    i've jerked off to this in the past. it's on my computer's hard drive. you know, funny thing was i was feeling extra insecure about jerking off to women thinking that it would make me "less gay". like i hated the idea of not knowing ...
  3. there's something that's becoming increasing annoying when i hear the reactions as i'm coming out to other people.

    it seems more and more and more like there's this growing idea that people don't believe me when i say that i'm gay. it actually surprised the shit out of me that nobody not even my own family could phantom the idea that i could be gay. i never brought any girls home, i never talked about dating and etc. how could you NOT know? it's like they're in denial like me being gay just can't be. like i seem too manly to be gay. i came out on this forum that i regularly go to where i've known ...
  4. just because you don't think i'm attractive doesn't make me any less of a human being than someone you think is hot.

    if you seriously have to look at my face or have to rely on your dick in order to treat me like a human being, then you can go FUCK YOURSELF.

    i think the most annoying thing that i see with other gay guys sis how they place a value on someone elses life because they're attractive but seem to be cold when towards someone they deem as ugly. like really, do you seriously go on with life like that? i HATE it when i hear people do that shit. it just shows the type of person they are. ...
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  5. there's times when i'm really in a bad mood or am feeling like shit. these are one of these times.

    you know... i've been trying to remain positive. trying to be cool. i looked back at my life 10 years ago and there were positive and negative things that were going on in my life. one thing that i noticed that has NEVER changed from the time i was 15/16 to now 25 almost 26 is more anger and my emotions. i feel about as angry as i was 10 years ago. i'm still surrounded by the same braindead fucks who can't catch a clue to save their lives. they just know how to do whatever they do and be ...
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