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  1. freefall's Avatar
    Don't be so grey - even the greyest cloud has a silver lining.

    Be safe, be sound, be well, even if I don't know you
  2. rimjob man's Avatar
    lol man that's sick where do you live cuz I could go for that, nice tongue kiss some blowjobs. I just broke up with my gf cuz i wanna try being with a guy but iv never done anal or anything but message me back
  3. spunkzuk's Avatar
    hi, Lucas here. i had the same sort of thing going on with my best friend who was straight.
    we are really close as friends (kindred spirits) but i also fancied him like crazy.
    he was always pissing around, sitting on me and wrestling/acting daft and pretending to shag me but he wasnt aroused. i was and this went on for 8 years till recently.
    i have written a full account in my diary and made it into a blog. the full week from being friends to him making an unexpected invitation to make a move in on him.
    scary. and it all seems easy in the blog but it was fare from that, wrestling with my feelings and reasoning.
    if you want to read the blog let me know and ill send it you.
    Updated February 4th, 2013 at 02:08 AM by spunkzuk
  4. Fritz-the-Cat's Avatar
    Hi! New here.

    I happen to like feminine men myself, but I'm not sure if that makes
    me attracted to men or just all things with feminine appeal.

    There's this shemale, for example, who could easily
    be mistaken for a woman, SHE IS SO HOT!
    Her name is Bailey Jay, AVN Award Winner in 2011-2, and SO BEAUTIFUL!
    Updated December 1st, 2012 at 09:56 AM by Fritz-the-Cat
  5. CupidBoy's Avatar
    Don't ever think of ending your life, life is a wonderful gift. You'll get through this time. Keep your head up. (*8*)
  6. GamerBear's Avatar
    They're fun to have a good laugh with but when they start judging me because of my appearance or the way I dress they become rather annoying.
  7. palbert's Avatar
    Keep your chin up. I once felt that way but got professional help. Have you considered a doctor, social worker, or therapist?
  8. jleon83's Avatar
    I have thought about ending my life. My life has beed hard & there are plenty of times I want to give up. I can only tell you to push through it because there are so many wonderful things I would have missed if I did kill myself. Don't give up.
  9. umjreon88's Avatar
    Don't give up on living! I do get such thoughts too but I don't want to act on it because life is all a big test to survive! There are many more beautiful things to live for than to end one's life!
  10. Redsox's Avatar
    Hang in there mate. I've been in that situation before too. It can be very stressful.
  11. ballcaphair's Avatar
    er, You are an adult; him, not so much.
  12. evanrick's Avatar
    thanks but few can understand the depths of my problems. i would rather fight cancer or have aids then deal with this shit.
  13. Spazout's Avatar
  14. heyallwatup's Avatar
    hey that, well your got a lot going for you , your hot looking and still young enough to do anything you want to do and so you kinda got your whole life ahead of you, so if you want to chat about anything i be glad to be there for you, k thx shawn
  15. evanrick's Avatar
    i dont know why its called an anti-depressant when its a mislabeled mood elevator. there is a big difference to me between not being depressed and being high on zoloft. completely different things.
  16. Spencer00's Avatar
    I myself am on Zoloft and have been for over a year, it's meant to make your feel worse when you first get on it but once your body gets use to it you'll feel way better. I take 150mg daily.

    Stay strong! hope the best for you.
  17. evanrick's Avatar
    so the guy came back yet i couldnt find the courage to talk to him....now i feel really bad cuz i probably made him feel stupid for trying. not really sure what to do now but i didnt want to seem totally rude the first time.
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