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  1. Thanks Everyone

    Hey JUBbers

    Thanks for all the people that take the time to write me being cute and giving me support for my dad...yeah i read all the comments...Thanks :luv:

    He's ok right now, i talk with him 2 days ago and he's doing "good" but of course he doesnt feel THAT good...

    One of my sisters told me that MAYBE he's not that bad, maybe the doctor gives us a bad information about his situation, i don't know, but the point is that he's ok right
  2. My Dad is Dying

    I got some really bad news last week

    my dad is sick (cancer) and he needed an operation this wednesday, so We thought everything was cool after the operation

    but today i got a really bad news...

    it was a lie, he's not good, there is nothing to do, he got metastasis and it's just about time 3 or 4 months maybe:(

    he NEVER take care of me, the last time that i saw him as my dad it was when i was 7yo, after to that i saw him in my 18yo, and ...