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  1. My Granmother Died Today


    I know she was old and had been ill for a while so it shouldn't have been a shock but it threw me completely when I got a text message from my mum to say she had passed away in the early hours of this morning.

    I was sent home from work because I couldnt stop shakeing and crying.

    And either I am dealing with it very badly or everyone else in my family is in denial, no one else seems to be as badly messed up as I am right now

    I get it, ...
  2. *sigh*

    sexy, french, smells good, great arms, stubble, nice bit of fuzz on his chest, funny and genuinely lovely guy in his 30's...

    gay, obviously cos thats just how my life is hehe

    Now I am not one of those women who is gonna say "omg, what a waste!" cos it isn't.

    I just spent all day with him today, again(!) and felt the need to "ooohh" and "aahh" and gush over the general tastyness of this new work colleague...........looooving ...
  3. woohoo!...

    ...My hatred of interviews apparently didnt show, I got a new job!!

    cue the obnoxious singing....

    I got a new jooo-oob!
    I got a new jooo-oob!
    I got a new jooo-oob!
    I got a new jooo-oob!

    .....add in equally obnoxious dancing..(!)


    I am done:D
  4. I hate....

    ......Job interviews.

    I hate that feeling when you leave, that "well....I suck out loud!" feeling, and you start thinking...."I shouldn't/should have said that...I should have worn something different" etc...

    Then the horrible wait until you hear something back, hoping it isn't that silence that mean's "why did you even bother coming for an interview" or that phone call "you weren't right for the position....and here is the list of ...
  5. could it be...

    ...have I finally managed to find somewhere I can live peacfully?!

    I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, a few times in the last 2 weeks I have been stopped in the kitchen by my landlady....

    "There was something I have been meaning to talk to you about L..." and I am thinking...here it comes...."I noticed you bought some toilet roll and bleach for the bathroom, just wanted to say you don't need to, let me show you where we keep ours"
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