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  1. New computer (mostly) bliss

    I love HP now. My new computer is absolutely great. 17 inch screen. Windows Vista Ultimate, HD-DVD rom, built in webcam, tv tuner, 240 Gig hard drive.....shall I go on?

    Only problem is the keyboard makes this slightly high pithed noise that apparently only I can hear. A bummer that I might have to ship my brand new computer to get fixed but other than that I'm completely satisfied.

    If you're looking for a new computer, HP is anice brand. Anything but Toshiba people, ...
  2. Don't buy a To"POS" ba!

    Fuck you ToPOSba, my word for Toshiba's being pieces of shit! My laptop? A Toshiba not even two years old yet. What do I get for my 1300 bucks spent? Nothing but stress and problems.

    I spent the weekend looking for a new laptop and finally found one (HP) for 2100 bucks (ouch!) that I don't even have right now (credit's a bitch)

    The moral of the story? Don't let Toshiba fool you. Just because you see their computers the most in the sales ad's doesn't mean much. With ...
  3. The Gay/Straight Turning Syndrome

    I've been thinking, is it possible for a straight guy to just suddenly be gay and vice versa? I write about these kinds of instances a lot in my stories where the object of my gay main characters affection happens to be straight. And through a course of events, said straight love interest ends up in love with the main protagonist.

    But then I also attempt to explain that scenario by saying that the straight guy has fallen in love with a person who just so happens to be of the same ...
  4. Porn overload

    Question: Is there such a thing as too much porn? I'm gay, 20, young, like porn just as much as the next guy. But when I'm too busy to watch it during the week I overload on the weekends, burning myself out. I'm to the point where I think I've seen it all. I think I need to come back down to Earth before I become completely desensitized to all that is the glorious porn.
  5. 21 days starting now

    I read somewhere that it takes doing something 21 days in a row for it become a habit. That's good cuz I got a lotta shit I need to make work for me. I'm being a lazy mule lately. 21 days starting now I want to put into effect

    -MAKE KOURTNEY ACKNOWLEDGE HE'S DATING YOU (maybe use Alex to make him jealous)

    Habits...they shall become me.
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