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radical matt

  1. How strangly odd...

    Hm...I know I made a post, yet it's...gone. How strange. I wonder why it's gone. I suppose someone could have reported it, but not only was what was said in it true, it wasn't insulting in the least to anyone that has an interest in the truth. Hm...I wonder what could have happened to it. I suppose it could have gotten lost in the bit bucket or got reported and removed, but were that the case, I'm sure I would have been notified so I would be told something like "Don't let it happen again," ...
  2. Growing up...?

    I drive on highways, I escort old ladies to their cars, I walk sensitive elder widows to caskets (not necessarily of their husband/wife, but of anyone in case they should need someone there), I get up early, sometimes with little sleep, I stay up late if I need to, I walk in the cold, rain, ice, wind, whatever, go to work, even if I don't feel 100%, go to school under the same conditions, push myself when I don't feel well, push myself if working to extend my limits, push myself when I work out ...
  3. Introspection

    How much is there to think about and examine within oneself? I mean, really. There's a lot in life, but there's also a lot of things at a personal level. Sometimes it's hard to be true to oneself, and sometimes it's hard to dig up things you've burried, but at the same time, to really know youreslf, you have to reexamine your life, how you feel about things, and what you think about things. The day you cease to question is the day you loose the ability to change.

    Now, ...
  4. Well...

    ...posted a thread in the amatures section. Already embarassed about it and thinking I shouldn't have. -blush- Hope the pics don't get out and all over, but then they do have my secondary addy so maybe they won't get on any pay sites or anything (or who knows, maybe someone'd offer me money or ask me to model for photo shoots or do a video(s) for them. LOL That's rich, isn't it? Like that'd ever happen...)

    Oh yeah, and Kenshin! Need to say something about that too (my ava) since ...
  5. Standing alone

    It happens to everyone from time to time, right? Well, it happens to me a lot though...but yeah. You're surrounded by people on all sides that disagree with you, some to the point of hating you. One side will group you with another and vice versa from the other side. Some accuse you of being a fence rider, others of being on one side or the other and just in denial...

    ...this DOES happen to everone from time to time though, right? I figure it happens to me so much cause I think ...
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