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  1. I have a new job.

    I have a new job and I been working there for a bit now, just never updated about it.

    I just started working for a talent agency in Beverly Hills and I absolutely love it! In fact, tomorrow was supposed to be my day off, but someone wasnt able to make it tomorrow, and I got a call, asking if I would come in tomorrow. They told me I had a choice and they said they would totally understand if I just want a day off!

    I replied, "No! I'll take the extra day! When ...
  2. Ultra Low rise

    I went out last night, and when I got to my closet I remembered I had procrastinated all week on laundry so I was down to a very small selection of what to wear. I then noticed there was a new pair of pants, with tags and all I had not ever worn! I was like these are really nice, I wonder why I havent worn them. They were some nice Abercrombies.

    Well, I was in a hurry and got dressed quickly, and seeing that those jeans were the only option really, I decided to put them on! Once ...
  3. Monday morning

    Most of April I have been traveling and i just realized it. It's already almost over and I thought it just began. wtf? At any rate, I have realized I'm starting to come to terms with Hollywood. Through most of my time here I have battled in the back of my head between what I like more; Texas or California. I basically grew up in both of them, so I've known what each one was like since I was a baby basically.

    It's just that, I was born in Texas and I've spent more time in Texas. ...
  4. Blog

    It's been several days since I been on this site. I've spent most of my two weeks driving all over the place. I just got back from Northern California late last night. I had to wake up super early today and I was not happy about it.
    So far I have not done much though. I had voice lessons all morning though, and then after that I was up at the gym for a long while. I am not just super tired and I don't even wanna go out and do anything. i wasted all my energy at the gym, and my voice ...
  5. Spring Break

    I'm currently on spring break, and I was scheduled to fly out of LA thursday morning. I drove to the airport and this trip was making me extremely nervous for some reason! I was not scared of flying, i've flown a million times, but for some unknown reason I couldn't bring my self to board that flight.

    What I think it is, is a stupid little psychological thing that I've developed. At the end of my senior year I was scared that it was quite possible I could stay in my hometown, ...
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