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  1. hop to it

    And so the sun set across the land and the bunny hopped and trotted and did what bunnies do at easter. Drop a big one......and here's yours. Happy Easter lads!
  2. This duplicate wont delete

  3. I dont like [COLOR=Blue] mondays [/COLOR]

    I didnt get much sleep, as it was a quiet, still and creepy night. I thought about writing but couldn't be bothered getting awake properlyand turning the lap on. I'd just wait for sleep to arrive and be none the wiser.

    I had drinks with mates and watched funny telly on the weekend. There wasn't really anything exciting going down, especially after last weekends Mardi Gras. It was nice to be still and calm. I've spent some time surfing and looking at various porn things, but nothing ...
  4. chatspectacular

    So I'm new to this gaydar thing. While I surf, i may chat. It's hard to contain myself in my y fronts, particularly when I'm looking at stuff that is of the horny variety.

    It's late, there's no breaking news and it's time for bed.

    I recently found this cool site. It's a, what I assume, music/art site which seems to be by a skinhead maybe?

    There's some cool sounds, particularly the male message voices. I've always liked Depeche Mode and artists that do ...