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  1. Nude sunbathing in the Tokyo area, Part 1

    Question: Can you go nude sunbathing anywhere in Tokyo? If so, where?

    Just saw that you know a lot of places for sunbathing in Tokyo......will be there on sunday morning for 2 days only.......i'm a WGM from France 40 yo.....will stay in could you recommend me a nice place not too far to be naked ? do you know may be a gay bar with naked or underwear party ?

    My Answer:

    Most of the places are far and ...
  2. Nude sunbathing in the Tokyo area, Part 2

    My Favorite outdoor nude sunbathing spot in Tokyo

    Local cruising spot in Fuchu City on the Tamagawa River
    府中市側で稲城大橋に近い、水遊びの公園のそばです。多摩川~で服全部脱いでフェラしたりオナニー見せた りしたいです。顔射して下さい

    For me, there's a much closer spot. In spring, ...
  3. What is a a rice 'n potato gay fuck? Part 1

    What is a a rice 'n potato gay fuck?

  4. What is a a rice 'n potato gay fuck? Part 2

    Here are some other photos and a couple of videos of more interracial gay sex scenes involving Asian men or twinks.


  5. Letters to Billy, the skinnydipping mountain guy Part 1

    by sunbuns99

    July 22nd, 2007, 01:43 PM

    Dear Billy,
    Long time no see. It's summer so you're probably at your busiest time on the ranch. I'll go on vacation (July 27-Aug 29) to Hawaii, New York, Tennessee/KY. Yep.. you should come to Japan - if you're anything like what I see in the photo you'd be a popular guy (So desu neh!)
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