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  1. Experiencing a Tribe for Real - - Life in a Hostel (sic) Environment, Part 1

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    I love hostel stays.

    Hostels are really great places for potential and sometimes actual CMNM experiences. More than the erotically suggestive nature, the real chance to meet people from all walks ...
  2. Experiencing a Tribe for Real - - Life in a Hostel (sic) Environment, Part 2

    I seemed to be (socially) rewarded for the very things that might be 'pervs' in someone else's book. So I've started to see hostels in a whole new light. Still, there are not all like that. I guess it depends on how long you stay - and whether your roomies are ready and willing to socialize. It also matters whether they are willing to accept your 'uniqueness' (diversity - differences ...
  3. [CMNM] Doctor does his job so well, Part 0

    ----------The above CMNM medical fetish pics were forwarded message ----------

    From: Rom on the [CMNM]a Google group
    A Visit to the Doctor

    byKen Nitsua

  4. [CMNM] Doctor does his job so well, Part 1

    Perched on the examination table in the hospital gown and jockstrap, I watched as Dr. Roberts gathered together his equipment and put it on top of a cart covered with a towel. The exam began pretty routinely, as the doctor grasped my wrist and looked at his wristwatch while taking my pulse. He then looked into my eyes with a small light, then into my ears with another scope. He even produced a ...

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  5. [CMNM] Doctor does his job so well, Part 2

    He looked at my chest. "I can tell. Your nipples are erect. We'll get some measurements in a minute." He put his face close to mine as he gently palpated the sides of my neck. "Checking your lymph nodes. No problem here." He then picked up a stethoscope and put the ends in his ears. "Now I'm going to listen to your heart and lungs." The cold metal pressed against my pectoral muscles, sending another shiver through me. "Good." He moved around me and the stethoscope
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