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  1. Keep yourself and valuables safe this holiday.

    The holiday season is a time of gift buying. People carry more cash than usual. To avoid becoming a target for criminals, follow these simple precautions.

    * Stay alert to your surroundings.
    * Whether driving, walking or taking public transportation, plan the trip in advance. Know how to get to your destination by the most direct and safest route.
    * Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, leave quickly.
    * Carry your man purse ...
  2. "Ho Ho Ho!!!"

    "Ho Ho Ho!!!

    Hello down there! I have a little question for ya all: have you been a good little boy this year?

    Ho Ho Ho!!! I see little girls too!! Same question, ladies! Have you been a good little girl this year?!

    Humm... well well well, i see those innocent and lovely eyes behind their screen, staring at me and waiting for a little gift!!

    Here ya go!

    Ho Ho Ho!!!"

    G I F T !

  3. Happy Birthday

    Can't stop growing old...

    I travelled all day today and in the car on one of the cd's I made there was a remix of This Picture by Placebo which repeats the above line near the end a few times.... what a horrible line to have repeated over and over on one's birthday.

    I am never a happy birthday boy... I don't know why I just hate getting older. Today I wasn't actually too bad... I had the travelling to focus my negativity on... and now its almost over.... what do I really ...
  4. Ahhh memories.

    Ho hum another days in Paradise. My roommate and I decided to do a Christmas Newsletter this year. Her family does one every year and they're all so weird. Who really needs to know you visited aunt Phyllis and went fishing. So we decided to tweak the tradition and mention everything that went badly this year. It was a pretty bad year for both of us, so why not have a laugh at it. It was strangely cathatic. Since no one here knows exactly who I am (and I pray you don't find out) I see no reason ...

    Lets go over some things that piss me the fuck off.

    1. Talk to me like you know me and are elder to me.

    If I do not know you, and we have say, chatted online or on a message board, then you have no right to talk to me like my father. That is a one way ticket to me hating you. Hate is a strong word, but there is nothing I hate more than some 22 year old telling me I am only 20 and to be careful about my decisions.

    2. Obsessing online

    If ...