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  1. Friday and I have returned safely!

    I have returned to North Carolina from a short but wonderful trip to Colorado. Lots to tell so I had better get started. Flew out of Charlotte on Saturday non stop to Denver. It was 62 degress in Denver and 34 in Charlotte. Go figure! LOL!

    I love flying in to the Denver airport. They built this new airport way outside of town so they would have plenty of room for growth in the future. It is like flying into a big circus tent set in the middle of the desert. Flat fields stretch in ...
  2. It's getting tougher

    For the first time in my 53 years, I will be truly alone at Christmas. I have a roommate, but we won't be celebrating much. Perhaps a simple exchange of a gift or two. Until this year, there has always been family. This year, there will be none. I'm trying desparately not to fall into a depression about it. It is simply one more thing that I must adapt to and accept as fact. Life goes on, and so must I.
  3. Don't Save it All for Christmas Day

    Don't get so busy that you miss
    Giving just a little kiss
    To the ones you love
    Don't even wait a little while
    To give them a little smile
    A little is enough

    How many people are crying
    People are dying...
    How many people are asking for love

    Don't save it all for Christmas Day
    Find a way
    To give a little love everyday
    Don't save it all for Christmas Day
    Find your way
    Cause holidays have ...
  4. What got my tongue?

    So I'm at work tonite, pouring a beer for some little old guy whose name I don't remember, but whose choice in beverage I do, when the manager's son says, "Did you hear they've found a cure for AIDS?"

    I look up in the mirror, so that I can see him behind me and say, sadly, "No, Jared, it's not a cure. Just progress."

    Suddenly, as if he's part of the conversation, the old man says, "I know the cure for AIDS. A .44."

    I am so ...
  5. Keep yourself and valuables safe this holiday.

    The holiday season is a time of gift buying. People carry more cash than usual. To avoid becoming a target for criminals, follow these simple precautions.

    * Stay alert to your surroundings.
    * Whether driving, walking or taking public transportation, plan the trip in advance. Know how to get to your destination by the most direct and safest route.
    * Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, leave quickly.
    * Carry your man purse ...