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  1. Lars Von Trier with a beer chaser

    Everytime I sit down with a movie by Lars Von Trier I have to get hammered. When I'm at the video store I hear some screaming, dying, beaten and raped woman screaming at me from inside a DVD case. She's telling me she's going to make me cry and I've never really figured out why. What exactly did I do to Emily Watson, Bjork or Nicole Kidman? Bringing the DVD up to the counter is like admitting you like to make yourself cry because your life parallels the pointless tragic exhistence of women who ...
  2. The wings of an angel

    If I had the wings of an angel, o'er these prison walls I'd fly . . .

    Mom would have told you that she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a bail and a lid, but when I was young I loved to hear her sing.

    Some people may always sing every verse of a song in order, but as we hum and sing to accompany our daily activities we are more likely to repeat our favorite verses.

    I loved to hear mom sing. It was beautiful, and it meant she was happy. We sang ...
  3. Feeling down

    while I writing this here instead of on the message board on the acount that I don't want to ruin anyones fun and I know that a majority of you will never go to my web page. For the last couple of days I been feeling like I really don't care what happens I just get throught the day I don't know I guess I am not feeling well liked and old almost useless I see other people who are my age no younger then me who have their lives together. while I feel like Fleet watching from the Crow's nest as the ...
  4. Okay, this day blowes... in a bad way

    So, I'm sick of being alone... I admit I may be a strange person (but admit it, that's why everyone loves me, or atleast should), so, I need to blow off some steam.

    Also, the fact that I haven't had sex in MONTHS is driving me crazy, I could bust a nut.

    Okay, I'm better now
  5. fitness and art

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