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  1. Hospital Tintillation - Trying to flash the doctor, Part 3

    I talked to him a lot longer today - when he came in to the room, I was lying on my back and my half hard-on was visible through the thin material of the white pj's I'm wearing. As we talked my erection went down although there was some leakage of precum he might have noticed. I even joked with him about finding a bride perhaps among his patients. Our conversation went on for a while -- at least he's not scared of being with / talking to a 'flaming pervert' as some people (on this site) seem to
  2. [thorngay] Sagging + A guy in the clearing (story) by Thorn, Part 1

  3. [thorngay] Sagging + A guy in the clearing (story) by Thorn, Part 2

    My heart pounding and moving as quietly as I could I crept up to a higher position where I could see more clearly. Sure enough he was working it hard and it looked just beautiful. He was about 19 or 20 years old I guess. Slim but not too skinny, with dirty blond hair. Beautiful. I crept closer, now with my shorts round my knees, wanking as I watched this guy rythmically pumping his rock hard, beautiful dick.

  4. Nudism: Father and sons / parent-child, Part 1

    It may be that those who don't have children (of either sex) might possibly 'project' what might be their own doubts (or fears or sexual inclinations) when they consider how gay or bisexual fathers could be perfectly comfortable being naked with their children (especially sons), or even want ...
  5. Nudism: Father and sons / parent-child, Part 2

    I can't say that it's all attributable to our being nude together as a family but I think it was a contributing factor or at least just one in a long series of ways of thinking and ways of treating people and being nude that helped them to be open and honest about sexual issues, and not be morally uptight or self-righteous about gender, nudity and human sexual behavior.
    They are both heterosexual and over 21-year-old male adults. I am talking about our being nude when they were infants, young
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