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  1. Flashing a New Found Buddy - getting naked with a clothed someone you hardly know, Part 2

    Anyway, I pulled off my shorts with the boxers underneath which had been bulging since

    we sat down together on a beach mat we bought at the local stop up the road. Before that, I had been strategically placing my crotch so that he could try to get a look up my shorts. If I could tell that he was interested in what he was seeing, I would have gone further faster -- but he played it real ...
  2. Love to get fucked, Part 1

  3. Love to get fucked, Part 2

    - The longest fuck you had?

    About 2 hours, it was wonderful.

    - Have you ever been fucked by different guys at the same time?

    Yes, the maximum was 3 guys.

    - Have you ever been fucked by 2 cocks at the same time in your ass?

    No, never.

    - Where are you the most frequently fucked?

    Very common: in a bed.

    - Have
  4. Sharing my most intimate moment, Part 1

    An original story distributed on [Public Naked Guys] on Yahoo Groups on June 5, 2009

    By Bucklebuddy

  5. Sharing my most intimate moment, Part 2

    I had, with great determination, kept myself from thinking about what I was going to do before getting there. I didnít want to get all hard and close to cumming in the car. So as I sat down, I had a nicely hanging soft penis that I began to make slow sweet love to. I tugged it downward and stretched it out before pulling it up and massaging my nuts with my other hand. Iíd squeezed and tugged and slowly but surely my friend came to life. It started with a slow swell getting a little thick and little ...
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