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  1. Gay films are a hot scandal!

    I recently purchased two gay DVD's. "Scandal in the Vatican" and Scandal in the Vatican 2. I have to say that among gay porn films they are the best I've ever seen. The films are edited in such a way that you would swear they were actualy in the Vatican. Beautifuly filmed, with high production values, it is a fantasy, as to what might go on behind closed doors. Of course if you are Catholic, prefer hairy Bears, cut cocks, or extreme sex, this film is not for you. It took a lot of nerve ...
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  2. Watch your step

    It's always best to watch what you do, and not reveal too much about your private life. My recent sexual encounter has caused a lot of tension with gay people and friends that know me. People gossip and tell everything. I should have known that it was reckless, and I should not have fallen for male beauty, no matter how sexy. I can't say more other than even though I did nothing wrong, the encounter could have cost me. Enough said.
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  3. I fucked a twink.

    I don't usualy talk about my sexual exploits, especially since I've had none in a long time. Recenty I started up a casual sexual relationship with an old boyfriend after 10 years. That meant taking 9 inches up my ass and keeping my reputation as an expert. I practiced with a dildo to open up and get used to being fucked again. Everything went well. The same pleasant feelings, my same ability to gyrate and squeeze my ass around my boyfriend's cock and make him cum. I had a powerful orgasm as well, ...
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  4. Secretly cumming out as anal toy and BDSM lover

    Horny and getting naked after buying a new anal toy at the sex shop.

    First two plastic pegs as nipple clamps.

    Preparing my naked butt with lubricant.

    Butt crack massage with the new toy. A ...

    Updated September 19th, 2016 at 06:00 PM by JackPorn

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  5. Trans & Non-Binary 101

    There's a kinder, gentler hand. If people want a kinder, gentler ambassadorial hand then perhaps they should be quieter and quit arguing on subjects they've admitted they know little to nothing about.

    Do you know why she's kinder and gentler? Because it's an article and she's not dealing with cis people in 'real time' in it.

    And for the trans people, because ...
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