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  1. Christmas is about giving not receiving, and I don't mean presents.

    Have you ever tried to make yourself happy? Well, let me have some ice
    cream that will make me happy, or I'm going to go to the movies, that will
    make me happy. I'm going to buy myself a present, that will make me happy.
    Have you ever noticed how temporary that happiness is? It lasts as long as
    the ice cream last. It lasts as long the movie lasts. It lasts as long as
    the thrill of getting something new lasts. Do you really want to make
    yourself happy? ...
  2. I've arrived

    and since this is a semi-open forum, I wonder how much I should say! Honestly...sometimes my life is more exciting than soap opera. And sometimes deadly dull.

    On occasion I seem incredibly self-destructive. And yet I'm strong, able to keep going in horrible circumstances.

    It's tough being a contradiction, but someone's gotta do it.

    I'll probably be raging about work soon...I do inventory for a living and the nusiest time of year is coming, starting ...
  3. Firefox 1.0 Tutorial, Part Two of Three

    Firefox 1.0 Tutorial
    Part Two

    Making Firefox your default browser.

    Your (system's) default browser is the programme that gets started every time when you click an URL. E.g. in an e-mail program, or on some help page in some other program, or on a link someone sent to you over YAIM.
    To set FF as your default browser, go to: Tools -> Options -> General ...
  4. My FIRST exhibition!

    Well, at least two good news to tell ya all:

    1/ My drawings and comics will feature in my first ever exhibition, it will happen from september 5th to october 3rd 2005 in Paris, Blue Book Paris bookstore. Here is the link: (french speaking only).

    Yeah it's in a long time and i'll get back to this event later next year, but i just wanted to share my excitation with my buddies here! So if you come in France at this time, i'll be delighted to meet you!
  5. Friday

    I am wondering if any of my readers can help me with my problem of how to post stuff I get off the net to a thread without opening up my e-mail accound to hackers etc.? I am so dense when it comes to this stuff and I NEED HELP!

    Very foggy this AM. I mean relaly foggy this AM. They are saying we may get lots of snow this weekend and I will be going to Colorado the land of ice and snow! LOL!

    Hope you all have a great day.

    peace to you and yours.